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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by WM-N-fan, Mar 12, 2002.

  1. Matthyro

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    Cactus, watch the size of you picture as there is a maximum of 102400 bytes to upload directly to here. Usually an imaging program allows you to compress the size of the file when you save it.
    Another way without having a website of your own is to use a picture hosting program like I do.
    Go to it here and register. It is still free.
  2. Cactus

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    WM-N-FAN: I bought some track & roadbed, a couple of PECO switch machines, a 10-pack of Microtrains trucks/couplers, that sort of thing. I did notice some WM rolling stock by Atlas, Microtrains and Kato (their new caboose), but my budget was depleted by the time I got to the glass case that held it all. By the way, I noticed that the going price for the WM Atlas SD-35 varied -- number 7434 was 30 bucks more than number 7435. That's a collector's edition for you! Too bad mine is the 7435 version…

    RI541: The files I tried to upload are jpg's, and they are each smaller than the limit (e.g. 81,920 bytes). I guess I just haven't figured out the correct procedure.

    Matthyro: My files are smaller than the limit, still no dice. Perhaps I'll look into the Fotango site, but I'd prefer the direct posting that the Gauge Q&A says I ought to be able to do.

  3. WM-N-fan

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    The ones that are 30$ more have Decoders in them.
    I noticed the same thing and asked one of the clerks. They don't list it on the case. The last time I went I also got a 10 pack of MT couplers, which I will eventually do for everything.
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    Are you trying to preview the the post before you submit.If you do this the picture disapears for some reason.Other than that I dont know:confused: :confused: :)


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