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    You are right..Its really surprising.Wish someone is listening to us.Mr. Uhu or Mr. Ojimak ..haha
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    I will keep this short ans sweet so I dont turn a paper model pirating topic, into a rabbit trailing yammering session. I will just tie quickly into the comments about pirating models of ANY kind.
    Yep. Its infuriating, especially when you as the consumer is perfectly aware that the "RARE limited edition" resin Stormtrooper you see listed on ebay from some a$()*&^ in Thailand, is actually an exact recast of a statue that Gentle Giant produced a year ago, and that piece of shiz has the price at $160....and there are 3 bids on it and you have NO way to contact the bidders to give them a heads up, and have them pull out and rescind their bids...and that pile of funk will just keep on doing it.:boom:

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