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    Hello again, this one was a quickie that I did as an after thought. a small foam and plastic kit of a glider version of the 1903 Wright Flyer.
    It's available at Hobby Lobby here in the States, less than $4.00, I picked mine up on sale for $1.98.
    The kit in it's package, WrightFlyer_001.JPG and the package opened. WrightFlyer_003.JPG

    Not many parts here, just 4 foam wings, 2 plastic main frames, 12 spreaders and 8 lock rings. WrightFlyer_004.JPG
    The main spreaders installed on the side frame. WrightFlyer_005.JPG
    And the completed glider
    WrightFlyer_006.JPG WrightFlyer_007.JPG WrightFlyer_008.JPG WrightFlyer_010.JPG

    I'll see if I can get an short clip of it in flight.

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  2. micahrogers

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    and a flying Wright Flyer
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    It seams that the video is not available or visible due to privacy settings.
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