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    &SON has decided that the coal fired power plants North of MCTES (Moms Coffee Table Engine Shop) are switching to NuClur (Nuclear) Power Generation. Since the Reactor Vessels can not come in by highway, they will be shipped by rail.
    He seems to think one of these babies will be required to move the things.
    I keep reminding him that we follow the trade, and just because we would own the longest piece of railroad equipment ever manufactored, DOES NOT mean that the industrys would change for us

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    Excellent picture,I have him on favorites because of all the great pictures he has of railroading up here in the north country.

    I wonder if anyone makes a model of that type of car,and if someone did what radius would be required to run it!

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    i just might have to try my hand at making one of those,but could you imagine the overhang on 22R!!!very nice sites and pictures,but i wonder what they were hauling?--josh
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    I've heard that the CEBX 800 is planned for Z-scale....
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    That's a really great title you've chosen for this thread. I knew exactly what the content would be before I clicked.

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