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  1. Hey everyone,
    I haven't been to the gauge in quite a few months, what a difference. I am not sure why the change took place, but I miss the old gauge, no offense to anyone. It just takes longer to navigate, and doesn't look as good. I expect that there will be benefits however, because I think that the people running the site have always done a great job.
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    I agree there, this one is not as nice too me.
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    Thank you kind sir. There are many threads here on the subject this past few days, but basically, the benefits is that we have a better server, no big long delays to load a page or not be available at all. We have more room on the server with lots more bandwidth. We now have upgraded software with lots more features and we've had a few cousins move in with us. Because of that, and the fact that things had moved around a bit, it will take a bit of getting use to. If something isn't working right now the way it should, or you can't find something, let us know, we're still working on things.

    Welcome home...:mrgreen:

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