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    AM beginning to wire up my HO RR. With a siding do you gap both rails?
    And, when Wescott etc refer to switches (all powered Atlas variety) pointing to one another-is this referring to the point end or the frog end...and which part of the frog? I am confused. F Elliott (felliott2@verizon.net)
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    DC or DCC?
    For the siding, is this one track coming off the main or a track coming off, running beside it and joining in again (Passing siding)?
    Gaps are only required with all-rail frogs. When you do passing sidings you only need to gap the rails that go through the frog (at the end of the switch where the frog is). You have a choice of putting one set of gaps between the switches or 2 sets and wiring the rail in between separately. A spur will only require a gap on the main line.
    The rule is power from the points end and gap at the frog end. The gaps are required where the frog end leads to another frog or a power feed.

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