Wiring two opposed turnouts and a 19 degree crossing.

Discussion in 'FAQs' started by tetters, Apr 16, 2008.

  1. tetters

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    Hey folks.

    Maybe you can help me with this.


    Sorry for the crappy MS Paint pic. The frogs are in black and I hope the gaps are clear enough (went back and marked them in orange). Green and Red are the colours that I chose for the track buss wiring. I am using Tortoise Machines to control the two t.o's.

    There are six points, one for each t.o. and two pairs in the x-ing itself.

    Am I correct in assuming that I should be able to use the secondary internal switch in the Tortoise to switch the polarity of the frogs on the crossing? Realistically, you'd only have one loco using the crossing at a time. So as long as ensure that both t.o's are wired so that the polarity is correct when they are thrown for that particular route then I should be good to go. Right?

    Thanks...I do tend to over think these things way too much. sign1
  2. 60103

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    I think you could do it by having the crossing frogs wired to the turnout frog in the same rail (the one farther away). This will work as long as you don't have both turnouts curved at the same time.
  3. tetters

    tetters Rail Spiking Fool!

    Thanks David. I got it figured out last night. I must say I'm happier then a pig in shhhhh......well you get the idea. ( Waits for slap from mod... :eek: :cry: :mrgreen: )

    For the x-ing I wired up the it's points and t.o. points that are next to each other. This way when the t.o. is thrown to hit the crossing, the x-ing points are switched to green while the frog is switched to red. Meanwhile the opposite t.o. is left in the straight thru position, which means the x-ing points for it are switched to red. This allows the loco to roll right thru.

    It actually all started to make sense after I drew up that little sketch. I think simplifying the track work into that basic sketch allowed me to see the solution. Looking at all the actual rails and trackwork just made it confusing.

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