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Discussion in 'FAQs' started by Javern, Dec 28, 2003.

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    some time ago I had found a website with very nice detailed isntructions and diagram on wiring in a decoder on a Athearn ho engine, older ones with no circuit boards. I can't find the site or the printout I made of it..anyone have a clue?
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    www.loystoys.com has a lot of good info on their site including some detailed written instructions for installing decoders in an Athearn f-7 (old style blue box, not Genesis, although they do also have instructions for Genesis). They also point out that the installation of a decoder in an old style Athearn is pretty much the same regardless of which model you buy.
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    Those are great instructions at Loys Toys. I myself wire them in on all my installations with method #2. I use a pin vise and small drill bit to drill into the frame (under the cab on the GP models) then twist in a brass screw. I then solder to this screw for a very secure and solid connection. If its your first install, an Athearn is the easiest way to go because it gives you an easy motor setup to isolate. Have fun, I'm already doing 35 year old Rivarossi articulateds with what I've learned from that first Athearn.
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    Javern,I will mention that Digi Trax makes a solder free DCC harness for Athearn locomotives if you are taking about the Blue Box engines..It is part number DH123AT.

  6. As an alternate method for securing the (black) grounding wire to the Athearn frame, I remove the male portion of the lamp assembly which leaves only the female portion of the assembly still attached to the frame (I use LEDs so no need for that incandescent assembly). I then attach the black wire to the remaining female portion of the assembly and solder the wire to it there. Much easier for me than drilling and tapping a screw to secure the black wire.

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