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    in your drawing the tail track is not joined to any other track once it leaves the main.
    if this is the case all you need is a DPDT switch as the loco has to stop to reverse direction and the turnout changed. having an automatic reversing unit in this situation is definitely not necessary.
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    Hi...Good to see someone else (Gary P.) agrees with me on the need to isolate only one leg of the "Y"....I was beginning to doubt my electrical savvy (which isn't much, to begin with...). :cry:
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    Thats exactly where i got confused when someone says one leg of the "Y".I took it as one leg meaning one rail,and i'am not the only one that thought that.
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    Reverse wiring for Wye.

    Here's what I did.

    I use a DPDT to reverse polarity on one leg of the wye. The DPDT also throws the points of the turnout. In my case, it is a stub turnout, but it can be done with point turnouts as well.

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