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  1. robot

    robot i'm a paper shredder


    After building easy paper models, i want to make the step to the next level of this hobby by building the WIRBELWIND from GPM (number 284).

    Apart from "standard" panzer 4 chassis (that could be easy found on building reports if i have issues), the main feature is the quadruple flak gun (vierling 38 ).
    It consists of four 2 cm guns, that in the GPM booklet are not very detailed presented in the building instructions. On the web the pictures of the real gun shows many variations depending of the usage of it (naval, fixed, tracked, of mounted on various vehicles, single or quadruple mount).

    After searching the web for another model with vierling, i found that there are two other models, also from GPM, that share the same quadruple gun: GPM 108 - Flakpanzer 4 Mobelwagen and the GPM 127 Sdkfz 7.

    Unfortunately, i couldn't find any build report of any of this models so i am stuck. Is there anybody that build one of these models and can share some pictures and building info?

    Thank you.

  2. János1962

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    Hí robot. I am currently building Sdkfz-7-1 military model. Sorry i not make any building report, but send some foto the current status.
    An other forum I find the building report at Sdkfz-7-2.
    I hope I could help for You.

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  3. robot

    robot i'm a paper shredder

    Hi Janos,

    Very nice work.
    Unfortunately, there's an issue: as far as i could see on previews pictures of the booklets, the 2cm cannon from GPM is different from the Military Model one.

    More unfortunately, the only Wirbelwind model is from GPM and i don't wanna mess it (being a beginner in this level of paper modeling).

    Please message me when you manage to build the quadruple 2cm turret for the half-track. I would like to see close-up pictures.

    Thank you and good luck in finding time to build :)

  4. János1962

    János1962 Member


    Hi robot!
    I finished this model. Unfortunatly here, in Europe still raining 3 weak ago.:curse:
    Bad weater is good weater for papercrafting.:mrgreen: Sorry I can't made any picture, there is no sunshine. When i use the flaslight, pictures be a wrong.
    Shortly ,when i can made pictures, i open a new thread, and show the model.
    Building the wirbelwind (GPM 284)- this is my son plan.(13 years old).
    next time i send info.

    have a nice day. János
  5. robot

    robot i'm a paper shredder

    Hi Janos,

    The Wirbelwind is what i'm looking for.
    I can't wait for the pictures and explanations about how to do this and that.
    I want this model to be my 1st complex one.

    Nice to hear that your 13 old son is interested in paper modeling.
    Is this his 1st complex model?

    Thanks and good luck.

    Waiting for Wirbelwind pictues ...

  6. jackie123b

    jackie123b New Member

    clean build, love that work!

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