Wilhelmshaven V2 Rocket & Mobile Launcher

Discussion in 'Armory & Military' started by exzealot, Apr 22, 2008.

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    To all,

    Technically speaking, I believe the V2 belongs in the "Armor" category, but it could also fit in the "Space" category as well. :confused:

    I just received this kit from Paper Models International. By the way, FAST shipping! It appears to be a non-computer generated model, but plenty detailed.

    I am still working on the GPM Sherman, but I wanted you to know that this is probably going to be my next project. Any good reference material for the V2 and the "Meillerwagen" would be appreciated.

    Stay Tuned...

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    ...um... sorry but, why? How does a cruise missile count as an armored vehicle?
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    I would call it a military vehicle (of sorts) I would put missiles and whatnot here.
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    I guess what I was really trying to say is I didn't know where to post the build - Armor and Military or Space. The Meillerwagen was pulled by a variety of vehicles including armored tracked vehicles for field deployment.

    This model features a pull tractor that is different from anything I have seen before. It's called the Hanomag SS-100. Looks more like an airport tug. Also included are the A-4b (winged version) of the V-2, and the post-war US modified version called the "Bumper"; an experiment in 2-stage rocketry.

    Interesting history - should be a fun build.

    Thanks for the V-2 link. I couldn't access it from work (the word "rocket" set off the "restricted site" banner. I did launch it from home - great site!

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    Sorry didn't realize... Do post the build wherever you like!
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    I had build the Wilhelmshaven V2 models a few month ago. If you like I can post some photos.

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    That would be great if you could post the pictures!

    As I was researching the subject, I learned that a V2 and its meillerwagen had been stored (outdoors) at Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Maryland. It was a sad site since it was sitting behind a chain linked fence literally sinking into the ground.

    Fortunately, it was rescued, and shipped to the Air Force Museum in Dayton, Ohio where it was restored. It now sits in the annex on display. I plan on taking the 5 hour trip to Dayton to take a look - and take plenty of pictures.


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    here a few photos. Let me know if you need more or details during your build.





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    Fantastic! Gives me inspiration to get moving on this model. Thanks for posting the pictures.

    Nice job!

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    GPW -
    I know the V2 is from PMI, but where'd you get the trolley? What scale are they? I've built the Currell V2, and would love the trolley to go with it! Even it it's not the same scale, perhaps I could rescale it.

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    the models are a set of a commercial model from Wilhelmshaven papermodels (see the link). Scale is 1:50.


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    Air Force Museum trip

    Ken if you do go to Dayton and the Air Force museum you will not be disapointed. I live about 30 min. south of dayton in Middletown and go there about twice a year. If possable plan on a all day trip as there is so much to see and bring plenty of film, you'll need it. Go early to the annex as the last time I was there you had to sign up for the bus to take you over. For anyone else who has not been it's worth the trip.
    Jeff Bail
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    I have been to the museum many times as well. The last time I went, I wanted to go to the annex to check out the X-15, and it was too late in the day and the busses stopped running. You are right - the museum is amazing, still growing, and still free to the public. A national treasure to say the least. The first time I went, the museum was in downtown Dayton - in the 60's! The meillerwagen is a fairly recent addition.

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    Rocket Artillery

    This model, I believe, is OK here; as it is "Rocket Artillery".


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