Why do you build card models

Discussion in 'General Card Modeling' started by barry, Apr 7, 2004.

  1. Zathros

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    That really is awesome!! :)
  2. PemTech

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    Thanks guys.....
    It is actually regular paper rubber cemented to posterboard, then cut out and assembled. No fire-resistant coatings or anything. She survived the this launch (on an F motor) without a scratch but lost a fin on the next flight(on a G motor). The next one will have reenforced fin tabs.
  3. Vince

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    My brother and I built many ship and airplane plastic models as a kid. As an adult, life got in the way, and I only built a few models over the last 30 years, my last one about 6 years ago. I love anything to do with space, and was surfing the net looking for space shuttle pics for my desktop screensaver, when I found Alfonso's AXM site. That was all it took. I built the Challenger with MLP and transporter crawler. That led to Leo Cherkashyn's Russian space model site, built the Buran/Energia, and now trying to scratch build the Grasshopper transporter. Also downloaded more models than I will probably ever build, but it's great to dream. Thank you to all the talented designers, tipsters and forum users sharing their talents with us.
  4. Dented Rick

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    This is why I build Papercraft. So I can have and enjoy those wonderful thing I otherwise could never find, and even if I could, I couldn't afford to buy.

    Seriously, who WOULDN'T want an 18" SDF-1 on their shelf to enjoy every day? Again, Thanks to Thunderchild for his excellent design, without which i would be without many smiles and relived memories from my childhood.

    A thing of beauty ;)

    SDF-1 163.jpg
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    Do to recent health and my work area being decimated. My hobby has come to a halt. I plan to rectify this. Not trying to sound like a baby but I have been in and out of the hospital for 5 times since last August and each time was a 5 day stay on average, some of them were really close calls.. I have lost a lot of dexterity in my hands but it is returning somewhat. Managing around here helps me keep in the hobby, sort off. I get to see what is going on and appreciate the fine work you guys do. My wife agree that an area of the hose not being used properly wold make an area that we could all us. So, hopefully, I will have something to offer. :)
  6. Hang in there, Dude.
  7. RocketmanTan

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    Shoot, that sucks... And don't worry, you're not sounding like a baby! Something like this? I guess it's kinda worthy enough to complain about :p

    I really hope this'll blow over soon enough for you.
  8. Dented Rick

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    Hang in there my friend, it'll get better
  9. goodduck

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    Because nobody make what I really want! Instead of waiting and hoping somebody will make it, I go make it myself.
  10. aleks

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    nice people, great creativity, great models, very little money!!!
  11. Psyscape

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    Initially I couldn't have answered the question posited here, but having hunted around the web I think I can categorically state that the reason I got into and make card models is simple. I absolutely cannot get the majority of the models I've collected anywhere. This is partly because I live in a country where the larger population do nothing outside of watching soap opera and reality shows and partly because I live on a rock where there are virtually no stores which stock anything worth having. Also, partly because some of the things I've got simply are not made in any other medium.

    My particular fields of interest lie in submarines, sailing/steam ships, starships and mechs (at the risk of heresy not Gundam or Robotech). The only submarine I've found that was worth having was a 1/72nd scale from Revell, but in card models I've found several including two beautiful u-boats from UHU and Thai Modelling (still yet to order that one.) Sailing vessels are notoriously expensive if one wants something decent, and thus far the only way I've been able to get anything at the scale I like is via Partworks magazines. Of course, card modelling companies make dozens of sailing vessels, steam and warships. Heaven...

    Mechs though, I've not found a supplier in the UK that doesn't ask a fortune for import from Japan, but with card there are loads and no import costs.

    All in all, cost wise, card modelling is cheaper. Even the price of the commercial models is less than I would pay for other materials. A win-win situation. It is just as satisfying cutting and constructing a card model as it is any other model, and while there may be a few small issues regarding robustness, it's not serious enough to cause concern.

    Also the creativity and industriousness of those who contribute their time, skills and bandwidth is awesome. How can one not respect people who make such supreme efforts to make things that they like, and then offer then free of charge to others so they can enjoy making the models as well.

    Simply amazing.

    Even my wife has no complaints (other than the growing collection of models)... It keeps me quiet and out of mischief, doesn't cost a new mortgage and produces some fine looking models.

    What's not to like? :D
  12. Mr Marbles

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    Because if you mess a part up, you can always print out a new part to replace it.


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