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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by jlg759, Jun 5, 2003.

  1. jlg759

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    I am new to this group and was hoping someone could direct me to someone who could make me some custom decals for my home road. The decals I need are for some steam locomotives and are basicaly just lettering no fancy logo. I can do the artwork on the computer if it helps
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  3. RaiderCTE

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    I have started looking into this also. And apparently you can buy printable decal paper. There are different kinds clear and white that I know of and you do the design or lettering on the PC then print it out. I found paper on Ebay for pretty cheap but since I'm not really at the stage to be doing this I have put it on the back burner. The one thing is if you are wanting White lettering. Most printers don't print white. Of course I am sure there is a way around that.
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    GMC does great work..I had Gary to do my C&HV decals in HO with 2 different heralds and then had Gary to make my N scale C&HV decals in N scale..Here is a picture of 2 C&HV Atlas N scale GP9s.

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    That must be why there are white sheets - print everything but the letters?

    From various forums, I've gleaned the following info on making your own decals:
    1) ALPS brand printers will print white, but they are apparently no longer produced, and seem to be kinda expensive to buy and maintain.
    2) Decals made with an ink jet printer (like most of us probably have) need special treatment since the ink is water soluable.
    3) From reading various people's trials and tribulations, some can't seem to make them at all, some can get close to an acceptable decal but only with a lot of hassle, etc.
    4) Nobody seems to know how to make dry transfers at home.

    BTW, jlg759, if it's just basic lettering you're after, could you use a "generic" decal or dry transfer set instead of having them custom made?
  6. Edavillenut

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    i print my own decals on my alps printer. if you would like i could make the decals for you. i have all the mateials that the pros use because i am selling custom painted locomotives and cars. if you would like me to give you a price quote or if you have any questions PM me and i will get back to you.

    good luck
    shawn cavaretta
  7. Tyson Rayles

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    I started making my own decals about a year ago. I use both a laser and an inkjet (no special treatment required, even though they claim you need to). Either one is a little fragile till applied, then they are fine. You can get paper from Micro-Mark and alot of other places I guess. Considerably cheaper than custom made! :)

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