White Knight and SpaceShipOne in 1:32 scale

Discussion in 'Kit Announcements' started by rickstef, Nov 28, 2004.

  1. rickstef

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  2. rickstef

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    I have been printing out the parts over the past few days,
    I have been able to print the sheets at 100%, to make sure that the whole print gets on a sheet, I have rotated most of the pages 180 degrees, that will assure me that the parts do not get cut off.

    all the instructions i printed on a laser printer, but the model was printed on an inkjet printer.

    Keep the rotation in mind if you want to print any A4 or similar scaled model, which is stored in a pdf file.

    hope this helps

  3. jleslie48

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    I think I'd want the model in 1/48 scale, so I would have to reduce everything evenly. Shame pdf doesn't let you control the % size of the printout.
  4. rickstef

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  5. jleslie48

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    oh I'm waiting with baited breath on that one...

    I'm still trying to develop my own, still having trouble with metasequoia and pepakura thought. those curves in the fusalage are something else...

    I also realized I can fake out adobe reader by choosing "fit to paper" and
    pretending the paper is of a different size, aka 6"x 10" or so. It just seems silly that adobe has the the feature to resize, but just doesn't make it
  6. SteveM

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    While the Adobe print box doesn't have a % scale, your printer driver might. In the Adobe print box, click the "Properties" button next to the printer selection dropdown to get into the printer's own driver. In there is possibly a "page format" or "page layout" that will let you select a print scale or multipage format (e.g. 4 pages per sheet).

  7. billmcc

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    How does Dr. Z's 1/32-scale White Knight compare to Jan's 1/48-scale White Knight?
  8. NYC Irish

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    If I may throw my 2 cents into this one.
    Dr. Zarkovs model sucks.....yup thats right I said it

    The design and structure is Im sure exact and pefect, but the SS1 is missing the little triangular fins/wing just to the front of rear tail fins. It is also very angular and in no way shows the origional planes rounded edges. The tail booms are viciously angular and do not have any noticeable outward bend that Mr. Currell painstakingly worked on.

    The art work and detailing is worse. There is no weathering at all, I realise the plane itself is brand new but...a few oil streaks or mud splashes would be cool. There is little to no advertising logo's on either kit(is this a legal thing???) and the SS! Heat shield is a monotone section of colouring.

    I am in no way knocking Dr. Z's stuff( The pride of my collection is my 1:20 F-15C Eagle(Printed on 13x19 paper scaled to 158%)) other than a customer who feels vey unhappy with dopping about $20 on a kit I will not bother building.

    A better 3d model, attention detail as well as ANY KIND OF ARTWORK would turn it into a great kit. I see the difference in a produced kit and one created for the pleasure of it.

    Well thats my 2 Euro's worth

    Merry Christmas from Ireland

    John John
  9. rickstef

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    Sheeesh John John, such language :mrgreen:

    But you are right, very poorly done, and fast, not his standard highly detailed kits.

    I have not done a part by part comparison, but I think I would have a better chance of finishing the 48 scale White Knight than the 32 scale WK

    I do like the smaller WK, and taking Hans' comments in mind, then I think this White Knight is still better.

  10. billmcc

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    John John and Rick,

    Thank you for your opinions and honest comments.
  11. Hans Christian

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    Hi there Sir Rick!

    Is Dr. Zarkov's Tier One Models are that "not good"?

    Well, I can't really comment on that, since I haven't seen his' model yet.

    Speaking of the White Knight, my copy is nearly finished. I'll just add the main Landing gears and Mr. Currell's SS1.
  12. NYC Irish

    NYC Irish Member

    I know its the Irish in me, foul mouthed Fenians that we are

    John John
  13. rickstef

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    That is what John John's and my opinions.

    I have not started to build that set, but I am not that impressed with the graphics, I find them lacking, not the Doctor's usual high standards.

  14. Hans Christian

    Hans Christian Active Member

    Thanks for the reply sir!!! :D

    Please post some progress pics when you've got started with it :wink:

    I've finished Mr. Mueller's White Knight. It really is an excellent model, made even more excellent when I glued Mr. Currell's SS1

    To Mr. Mueller, Congratulations for an excellent job :wink:
  15. NYC Irish

    NYC Irish Member

    Did anyone else build this model?
    The "honey-comb" structure of the WK wings dont seem to work...anyone got info? The pieces cant be shaped into what the instructions show

    John John

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