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    I'm putting this question here, but to me it 'pears to be very technical to me. I read all the time to do searches on the forum. Can you search for and find threads by a specific person? Suppose I wanted to find a thread by EZDAYZ that was say 10 days ago. Can it be done? And if so, how?

  2. MasonJar

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    Just below The Gauge symbol at the top left of each page is a box that shows where you are (e.g. The Gauge > Model Trains > General Talk). Below that is a light blue bar that extends all the way across. It has links to The Gallery, Forum, Home, User CP, etc. One of those is the Search function. You'll notice that it has an arrow beside it, meaning there is more than one thing you can do there. If you click Search, you'll get a little box to enter your (simple) search term(s), but below that is "Advanced Search". If you click that, you'll be taken to this page -> http://www.the-gauge.com/search.php which will let you set all kinds of parameters - date, user name, and so on.

  3. Ralph

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    You can also click on the user name of the person you wish to search. Clicking on your name above where your avatar would be gave me options including "find more posts by yellowlynn".

  4. yellowlynn

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    Got it

    I finally got it figured out. The main problem was that the person hadn't written in some time and I couldn't find the name. Thanx for the help 'cause I got it now. This computer hates me.

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    Lynn, Glad you figured that out...We haven't seen pics of your gorgeous trains for some time...Maybe just a couple...???
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    They hate everyone. They're just biding their time until Windows becomes self aware and begins to take over.

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