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  1. jasbourre

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    I've seen the word styrene used a lot around here, and in magazines, even went to are local Home Depot and the answer I get from them is: styrene what’s styrene, so I explained to them and they say never herd of it... :curse:

    I'm from Northern Ontario, Sudbury to be persisted. I would like to know if anyone has purchased some styrene from a Home Depot, and if they have, can I get the wrapping so I can show them what it looks like and maybe they can order me some.

    How about "Michael’s" do they carry styrene. Michael’s will be opening soon.

  2. BurghThing

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    I get mine from the local train shop. Evergreen Scale Models is the company name. Michaels doesn't list it on their web site, but they might be able to order it for you if you don't have a local train shop.
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  4. CalFlash

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    If you're looking for bigger sizes or quantities, try a sign shop. Sometimes you can ever get scraps for free.
  5. jetrock

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    Look for a bulk plastics distributor. Most will carry it in 4x8 foot sheets for about six bucks. Ask for "polystyrene." It's not sold in a package at those sizes.

    If you're just looking for small amounts, then a local hobby shop is your best bet--someplace specializing in model building will have the stuff, or at least know what you are talking about.
  6. 60103

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    Which styrene are you looking for? There are small plastic sheets for building cars and buildings; there are the large expanded poystyrene (styrofoam) for scenery. The latter stuff is pink or blue house insulation from Home Depot. The other stuff is probably hobby shop material, or craft store.
  7. Dave Farquhar

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    If worse comes to worse and you can't find anything else, those 60-cent plastic For Sale signs (available at any store that sells hardware) are polystyrene. They come in a couple of different sizes, and the different sizes are different thicknesses, so it's workable, although it's nice to have a better selection than that.

    Oh, and another secret: You can use lacquer thinner as a cheap substitute for bottled cement like Tenax.
  8. jasbourre

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    Thanks everyone for your responces I have all the information I need.

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