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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by farnham, Mar 8, 2006.

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    Forum newbie but not model railroad newbie would very much like a tutorial on building scenery. He saw a beautiful one on using vinyl paste with newspaper but now he can't find it. He looked in the Academy or Tutorials and all he found was one tutorial about soldering, although it says there are about twelve gajillion replies. At least one other forum has no messages, although the new message icon is bright. Is there something he doesn't know (probably), or is his browser the wrong kind? Please reply. Thanks,

    Brooklyn, New York

    BTW, off topic, I had a good time last week getting the heavy mirrored door to my old triangular medicine cabinet to close. I took off the door, carefully trimmed it with a rasp and fitted it back in, then took it out and kept trying. Not only does the door close all the way without resistance, but the 100-year-old spring latch works! Not model railroading, but satisfying just the same. The guys who were painting the apartment were a little bit surprised.
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    haha, I did the same with my medicine cabinet door a few weeks ago. Too may layers of paint, and it wouldn't close anymore. Took a bunch of sanding, scraping, and dissolving, but now you can't see what medicines I am taking without opening the door :p. Of course, now I probably have lead poisoning.

    As for the scenery thread you are looking for, the search function has been helpful to me. If no luck there, go to the scenery forum, post a new thread specifically asking what you want to know, and in a few hours time you will likely be flooded with all kinds of wonderful responses. I think the vinyl paste you are thinking of is walpaper glue, no? If not, well, it works. many cub and girl scout projects have been made by cuttting newspaper into strips, dunking them into walpaper glue, and spreading them over a form. For model railroad applications, the form could be nothing more than wadded up newspaper temproarily attatched to your layout with masking tape. Drape the wetted newspaper over the wads, and instant mountians.

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    At the bottom of each forum page (the one where all the threads are displayed) there are "Display Options". You may have to change them to show all threads since the beginning (or whatever time frame you choose). Some of the older messages will not show if the timeframe is too recent.

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    Hi guys! Thanks a lot for the replies. I'm now on a new quest-- two major hobby centers told me there are no more INDIVIDUAL TIES being made! That annoys me. But also I just had a great idea to use them when I am giving out an HO rail car as a gift-- have the car on a piece of rail spiked to individual ties as a display piece-- I have a bag of beautiful ones somewhere stained all shades of gray and gray-brown but I'll never find them in a reasonable time. Any suggestions? Thanks again all and happy railroading,

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    Thanks cid! I'm going looking right now.

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    Individual ties? I think Hunterline makes them, along with other extremely fine model wood. I'll check it out.

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