What's your favorite scale?

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by jawatkins, Sep 13, 2003.

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    Like most of you, I try to stay out of the "my scale is better than your scale" discussions. One of the few disgusting moments I've had in model ralroading happened as a few of us waited to get into the train room of a guy who had volunteered to be part of the layout tours at a recent NMRA divisional meet. The two guys ahead of me said something like, "Well, if I'd known this layout was __ scale, I wouldn't have wasted my time driving over here." I know our host heard it. I was busy by then admiring his rather innovative staging yards which were absolutely great!

    As for me, my first trains were American Flyer S (Christmas 1958). By 1965, I'd talked my dad out of about 15 HO cars he had left from his brief time in the hobby (ca.1952-53). He also gave me some old magazines, and I was hooked on HO as soon as I read that first John Allen article about 15 times in a week! I have also built one layout in N for a hobby shop and enjoyed it. But, I am a confirmed structure and rolling stock builder. Availability and size will keep me in HO standard gauge, although I refuse to miss an issue of NG&SLG at the same time. I might try some of that narrow gauge one day! Thanks for opening this thread! --Stu--
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    I model in two different scales, HO and Sn3.

    HO for my standard gauge RR, because you can get the detail and running quailties without using a lot of space. Also your money goes a lot further in HO then in any other scale (more bang for your buck).

    If you want to model narrow-gauge, IMO Sn3 is the only way to go! Because you can get all the detail that you want plus excellent running qualities in the same amount of space as a standard HO layout.
    The sticker shock might scare some away from Sn3. $30 to $50 for a freight car kit and $500 for a locomotive kit. Granted this are MRSP, you can usually find them cheaper.
    But when you compare the amount of rolling stock and engines needed for a small to medium HO layout to a small Sn3 layout you will be spending the same amount of money.

    Just my thoughts on the matter:D
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    Hey Dan - I see that you are a Red Green fan too. Been watching it for years.
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    Are you asking for a favourite or what we use? I model in OO on HO track because there are so many parts available, but there is a lovely S scale English layout in our club. (No commercial parts; a few society castings.)
    I also have modelled the TTC in a scale of 11mm to 1metre. (Figure that out!) :D

    For the Red Green fans, Rick Green a.k.a. "Adventures with Bill" was the speaker at the NMRA convention banquet. A few weeks later, he did the same for the Science Fiction convention.
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    Well, I guess both. It seems that people start in one scale and move to another or wish they could model in a certain scale. It's not about the best scale of one over another, just what people like. As I said in an earlier post, I model in N scale, but would love to try HO because of the possibilities (or maybe that was in the Scenery forum).

    And I am a BIG Red Green fan. I have been watching it for a long time. Glen doesn't find it nearly as humorous as I do, but then he never throws anything out because it might come in handy someday. Maybe he doesn't see the humor in it:D

    Not quite sure what TTC is, you'll have to bring me up to speed on that:)
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    I refuse to pick one scale, that's why I have so many!:D I have the G gauge out in the garden. O and S gauge in the train room. Our modular layout is O gauge with a N scale train in a park representing live steam. The park section is removable and with a few scenery changes and buildings it becomes an independent scale layout. I also collect but not actively model Z, HO, and standard gauge. Someday we'll add 1 1/2" scale, for now just have to be happy helping out friends with thiers.
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    Judy, the TCC stands for Toronto Transit Commision that operates subway, streetcars and buses here in good old Toronto. It is common when you are asked how you are going from point A to point B to answer by TTC of course.
  8. 60103

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    My joke is based on the TTC track gauge being 4 feet 10 7/8 inches (!) which is exactly 1.5 metres, and when applied to HO track...

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