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Discussion in 'FAQs' started by ezdays, Jul 6, 2006.

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    There isn't anything in railroading, it seems, that doesn't have a name. And whatever it is, there's bound to be someone that knows what it is. So.... on just about every passenger depot there's a section with windows that is extended, or pushed out, so someone can see up and down the tracks without going onto the platform. Does that little bump-out have a name, and if so, what is it?

    My curiosity is getting to better of my good sense...:rolleyes: :rolleyes:

    Anyone think I've got too much time on my hands? :D :D
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    I've never heard anyone refer to that set of windows. I would go with Bay Window. How about "My train is running late window"?:D

    Will be interested to hear if anyone really knows what they're called. Wonderful question for "The 64 Dollar Question".

    Does that date me?
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    It is most often associated with an office for the station operator/agent to have a better view of the tracks. I don't know if there are any designed to give the travelling public a better view... I think we are obligated to go out in the elements to get a glimpse from the platform, and it's only the employees that are afforded protection (that, and they have to run the telegraph...) ;) :D

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    I've seen it in different locations, frequently it is only where RR personnel can access it, but I've also seen depots where it is located in the passenger area. When I was in Winslow a few weeks ago, I noticed that the station there had an extended area that was behind the ticket counter, but it wasn't "bay" shaped, just rectangular. I was just looking in the new Walther's catalog where they have a model of a SF station and freight depot combination that looks almost identical to the one up in Winslow except this "bay" is around in the middle of the passenger waiting room.

    BTW, I was amazed at how close the Walther's depot combination was to the one up in Winslow dating back to around 75 years ago.

    Yes Allan, that dates you to when $64 was worth something. :D And yeah, I can't believe it doesn't have a name since just about every nut, bolt, rod or rivet has a name, :rolleyes: why not a building part? I was going to guess "observation bay", but "Operator's bay" does make sense.
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    Andrew's answer does make sense. Now that I remember, the Morse Key used to set right out there on the desk in the windows.

    I paid more than $64.00 for my last Bar-Mills kit.

    I'll see if I can find a pic I took last year in Nova Scotia at a station that shows the operator's desk on that one track line that winds its way up through Cape Breton.
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    Yeah, that would be nice to see the inside in an operating mode.:)

    The thing that got my curiousity up is that the depot kit that I disassembled to use on my kitbash challenge has a rectangular one, but there were window only on the front and one side. Kinda makes you wonder why there wasn't windows on both sides.:confused: Don't know, but it's gunna work out just fine for what I have in mind for it.:thumb: :thumb:

    Oh one more thing, I Googled "railroad depot operator's bay" and came up with all sorts of references, so there's no doubt that Andrew is correct.... Somehow I knew he'd know.:D :D
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    The picture from Smiths Falls shows the operators bay more or less how it would have looked. It's not a great pic, but I may be down that way over the summer... ;)


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