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Discussion in 'Model Rail Operations' started by csxengineer, Mar 16, 2004.

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    I am working in N scale, which is very limiting when it comes to steel mills (slag/bottle cars). I might just stick with rolling mills, but am unsure of which mills do what, and how I should plan for an industrial rr. What is a good order of operations for this feel?
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    thanks for the links

    helped alot!:thumb:
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    Hi CSX,
    I decided to model enough of a blast furnace and other structures for the background (not actually served by track on my layout and focused on a rolling mill with three tracks for coils to be loaded into gondolas or coil cars. It was space considerations that made me drop modelling tracks for hoppers, ore coras, bottle cars, slag cars, etc. Best wishes on whatever you come up with!

    Those were some neat sites Tad!
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    Ralph, not sure what era you are modeling or area.
    I thought i would tell you a bit about the Duluth steel mill complex that was shut down in 1973.

    The mill complex was huge and included both open hearth and blast furnaces,Rolling mill, wire mill,coke plant and alongside of it (also owned by USS) was the Atlas cement plant an obvious natural for the coke plant vicinity.
    Serviced by the DM&IR,the Steelton yard area was a very busy place for decades,especially around WW2.
    Other RR's served and interchanged the mill including the NP,GN,SOO and Milw(to a lesser degree from what i understand)

    Operations potential for the steelton yard,highline,mill and cement plant alone would be enough to keep any modeler and friends happy for a long time to come.Considering that other manufacturing facilities also existed in the area,several roads interchanged and the scope of the actual mill operation itself,dont miss out on this as a potential prototype opportunity.
    Heres an ariel view for you.:)

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    Did you even find any N-scale slag and metal ladle cars? In particular I'm looking for the cup-style, not torpedoes. Any suggestions, anyone?
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    I saw an article on scratchbuilding one in HO that may be helpful in designing an N scale model.Try doing a search in the magazine Index
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    n scale slag cars

    No luck finding cars yet, that one store online has them on back order. :(

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