What kind of scenery do you like to model?

Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by jawatkins, Sep 13, 2003.

  1. jawatkins

    jawatkins Member

    There are so many great modelers on this forum. All of us have some type of scenery that we just love to model. Some like urban scenes and some (like me) love to model the countryside. What is it that you feel that you are particularly good at? Is it logging or coal mines? Do you love kitbashing and weathering of buildings? And on your next attempt, what kind of scenery would you like to do or attempt to try.

    I'd like to hear from you.
  2. Matthyro

    Matthyro Will always be re-membered

    I love doing mountains like the Rockies. Had one layout that had a mountinous area but ended up scrapping it because to do a mountain justice you need more room like the space that SD90 has on his layout. Someday maybe but with my current layout it is far more urban and that gives me lots of room for scratcbuilt industries. I do have a small mountian section though to support a logging industry but the mountains in this case are mostly backdrops.
  3. Clerk

    Clerk Active Member

    I like them all. I do like mountains. Here is a pix showing the rear and right side of my layout. If I ever do it over again I would make the mountain more gradual instead of the chopped off look. The yard is done except for ballast and scenery.

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  4. Catt

    Catt Guest

    I like just about any kind of scenery 'cept mountains (there aren't any in West Michigan :D )

    I am a diehard scratchbuilder/kitbasher (note who mods the forum below this one :D ) and eventually all the buildings on my layouts/modules will either be scratchbuilt or at a minimum kitbashed.
  5. jawatkins

    jawatkins Member

    I know what you mean, I'm from Michigan too. I was born in Port Huron.
  6. jon-monon

    jon-monon Active Member

    I think what I love the most is the mini-scenes that tell a story. They are great because anyone can do them. You don't need a lot of materials, a large space, or even a layout, yet they can add spice, realism and humor to even the largest and most complete layout. They can be used to experiment with new techniques and if they turn out well, they can be saved and added into a layout later.


    And they can be very small...

  7. eightyeightfan1

    eightyeightfan1 Now I'm AMP'd

    I spent a month in Traverse City, back in '95. Nice place.

    I like scratchbashing, painting, lettering cars and locos..and all types of scenery.
  8. brakie

    brakie Active Member

    I prefer urban industrial scenery..I feel this involves a lot more details then any other form of scenery..
  9. RailRon

    RailRon Active Member

    I love to model rocks and cliffs with some vegetation hanging on. And I don't like modeling wide, flat areas like pastures or cornfields.

    So it's clear that my RR setting is in a mountainous scenery.

  10. Drew1125

    Drew1125 Active Member

    I love scenery in general...I like to see my model trains moving through some representation of the real world...
    I 'm an HO modeler, who got into N scale a couple of years ago, as sort of a sideline project...Now I'm thoroughly hooked on N scale! And what I really like about this scale is the scope of scenery that you can get in such a small space!
    Since May, 2001, I've built two small N scale layouts...The first one is a circa 1960, urban/industrial switching layout on a 13"x60" shelf. The second, & durrent project is an Appalachian coal hauling short line, set in the 1930's. It's just a simple oval of track, 32"x66", & features autumn scenery...

    Here's a picture of the switching layout...

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  11. Drew1125

    Drew1125 Active Member

    ...& here's a picture of the Appalachian short line...

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  12. Hi, Judy,

    I try to model mid-summer in the Missouri Ozarks. Since the Ozarks are a decaying mountain range, the hills and "hollers" are quite rocky but are also heavily forested. That presents a certain challege because I can't model stark mountainsides. I need lots of trees - mostly hardwoods and cedars - and lots of underbrush. I also have to model several creeks and streams. But I enjoy it.


  13. Ralph

    Ralph Remember...it's for fun!

    Fun question! I most enjoy modeling Eastern tree covered hills. I do, however have industrial areas on my layout. After creating the basic industrial scenes I'm realizing that they could be "greener" with more trees, weeds, and grass between tracks, etc. The contrast between my countrysides and urban industrial areas is too stark and needs some nature. :) After all, it doesn't take long for weeds to start growing between cracks in cement sidewalks or parking lots!
    Here's one country scene:

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  14. jawatkins

    jawatkins Member

    Thanks for sending the pictures

    I really appreciate seeing pictures of other's work. I, too, an into the autumn theme. I love the mid-summer Ozark scenery, though, as well as Ralph's countryside. I could almost imagine cows walking down that path from what looks like a barn. I am very intrigued with the methods that people use to make mountains, trees, valley and rivers or any of the scenery that is used.

    There are some extremely talented people on this forum.
  15. sumpter250

    sumpter250 multiscale modelbuilder

    Being from Long Island, originally, and having spent quite some time in New England, I guess I prefer that area as a setting for my railroad. For scenery, I go with the older hills, and thicker forests of the north east. New England coastal scenes in particular.
    Interesting you should mention Port Huron. At Tall Ships Chicago, my favorite tall ship was a Grand Banks fishing schooner,built in Essex Mass., the Highlander Sea, which sails out of Port Huron.
  16. jon-monon

    jon-monon Active Member

    Hey, knock it off with the heavy woods, guys, ya got mosquito bites all over my monitor!:mad: :mad: :mad: :D :D :D
  17. jawatkins

    jawatkins Member

    I moved to Texas in 1982, but I can remember "back in the day" when I was a young girl, the biggest thrill of the summer was the Port Huron to Mackinaw Sailboat Race. We always had a carnival in town during that time period and a parade through downtown. Traffic through town would come to a standstill because the two bridges that crossed over the Black River were going up and down to let the sailboats pass.
  18. spitfire

    spitfire Active Member

    Wow, that's a tough question!

    Although it may seem that I'm only into urban / industrial scenery (which admittedly is my first love), I'm also quite partial to, and plan to model in the future, small towns, rolling countryside, woods, rivers, gorges, farmland, RR yards, and perhaps someday a WWII desert RR à la Rommel vs. Montgomery.

    I would also like to build a steel mill switching layout, a mine scene and a wild west layout.

    Oh yeah, I almost forgot about the Metropolis-inspired futuristic layout with trains running through clear plastic tubes.

    I think that just about covers it for me.:D :D :D :D

  19. csxengineer

    csxengineer Member

    What I like vs. What I'm good at

    I love steel mills, and heavy industries and urban decay. However, I SUCK at making them. I am pretty good at mountains and woods. I've found I'm at my best when I work from actual photographs, rather than from imagination and freelancing.
  20. Jim Cullen

    Jim Cullen Member

    After I finish a couple of small bridges, I'll be starting on the new layout's scenery which is the part that I most enjoy. Western Pennsylvania type scenery with a couple of coal mines and some small industries. About 15 feet of river/creek to do. I haven't decided on how I'm going to do the trees yet. I've used WS before, but am leaning to Scenic Express trees. Jim

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