What keeps you from getting bored?

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by csxengineer, Nov 15, 2003.

  1. csxengineer

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    My layout is 70% done. Which in my world means...TEAR IT DOWN! Ha! It's a 8'X10' N scale branch of the B&LE based on the prototype in the 70's. It's point to point with a continuous loop, but then it happens...I get the 2004 Great Model RR magazine, and I want to change my WHOLE layout. What keeps you guys from tearing it down so quickly, and how do you justify spending $$$$$ on glue, scenery, plaster, paint, etc, only to start over?

    Would Picasso or Da Vinci paint for the fun of painting, only to crumble up his paintings when he was done?

    I have the room to make an 10' x 11' U-shaped (no duckunders) layout. I would elevate the outer side but I'm afraid it would still look like trains pass through same scene twice, which I'm not a fan of...Your thoughts?

    P.S. sorry, I'm rambling today.
  2. shamus

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    Hiya CSX,
    Your not alone my friend, In the immortal words of Sherlock Holmes - When you have explored all avenues of possibilities, what ever remains, how ever improbable, must be the answer. - Okay, I’ve explored all avenues of possibilities in model railroading, looked at the remains of many a torn down railroad, thought how improbable it would be to better the last layout, then come up with the right answer, -- make a new one.
    I am now in the middle of my 0n30, who knows what lies ahead :D







  3. Arlaghan

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    Seems to me that you derive enjoyment from the journey, and that the destination is not at all important. That is probably the BEST way to justify the expenditures in all those things, even though it will be torn down at a future date. The act of creating your layouts IS your hobby, and all that matters is that you enjoy spending your time doing it - after all, isn't that what a hobby is? An enjoyable way to spend your time?
  4. brakie

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    Well,Let me answer this..The way I see it..
    Problem #1
    I get the 2004 Great Model RR magazine, and I want to change my WHOLE layout
    Why? I did not see to many great layouts in that magazine.Sorry but nothing that I would copy including that C&O layout..If those are the state of the art layouts that has been deem Great then my past layouts should have been in "Great Model Railroads".
    Problem #2.
    My layout is 70% done. Which in my world means...TEAR IT DOWN! Ha!
    Ask yourself why? You have it 70% complete why not finish it and run trains..Is this not the reason you are building this layout? You spent mega bucks for engines,cars,buildings and etc why not USE them?
    No I do not tear out a layout without just cause and none of your or anybodies Else's reasons so far would cause me to do so.

    I say this to one and all.Plan your layout well build it and operate your trains..You will be surprise how much fun you can have running your trains..

    Comment: I never could see the reasoning in putting a lot of money,work and time in building a layout just to say well its finish..Time to tear it down..
  5. NScale

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    Don't get a chance to get bored with it. Don't get to work on it alot so I always look forward to getting back to it. But I do get down at times because I can't do as when I want.

    Amazing how work gets in the way of fun! :D
  6. Ralph

    Ralph Remember...it's for fun!


    My layout is about 80% completed here now. I've rebuilt the entire layout after getting to 50% completion the last time, mostly because of a need to do basement reconstruction after some plumbing issues. I took advantage of that opportunity to redesign the layout to lose a duck under. You mentioned having room to build a layout free of duck unders so I'm assuming you might have one now. If so I'd recommend considering getting rid of it before you've fully completed a layout that causes aggravation, back strain, and occasional bumps on the head! :)

    Otherwise, if you're reasonably satisfied with your layout and don't imagine that you'll end up hating it in a year...commit to finishing it at a pace you enjoy and have fun!

    By the way, those Great Layout magazines are wonderful inspiration at times but can cause potential Layout Envy!! I try to borrow the stuff that is helpful and try to avoid comparing my work to others in a way that might seem negative.

  7. farmer ron

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    CSX: I agree with Brakie, very good advise.
    What is wrong with yours, you got it to the point of 80 percent finished so you must have been satisfied with it to this point.
    I have seen many layouts that have been featured in pictures and think wow I would like to change mine to that, but when you actually see it in person and its whole suroundings it is not as good as your mind makes out. If you see a small scene that you can easily incorporate into yours without tearing things up then fine but best advise is get back to working on your layout without tearing it up..Ron..
  8. Jim T

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    Good point Ron. When I do a little something to my very unfinished 4 x 8 layout I take a digital pic of it and I'm really amazed how neat it looks when I view the pic without any of the surroundings showing.

    Cheers, Jim

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  9. zeeglen

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    Rather than tear it down, have you thought about adding to it instead? Build an extension on one end? Or 'blast' a bit of mountain out of the way and lay a new route, or another industry siding, or small yard, whatever. Maybe even get real ambitious and double track the mainline (if not already). Prototype RRs do changes and building over time, no reason a model can't either. But only do a bit at a time so you can still run your trains - having a train run slowly around the loop while you lay track or work scenery is very satisfying.

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