what is this vehicle called?

Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by HOtrainman, Mar 12, 2007.

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    It is a crane that picks up containers and looks almost like a forklift. I am not talking about the big intermodal cranes, but a forklift type one. also, where can i buy from?
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    Walthers makes one. Its Cornerstone Series(R) Kalmar Container Crane - Kit, Walthers Part # 933-3109. They do pick up containers too.
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    I believe that the machine shown above can pick up containers, be they on train cars or on truck trailers, but cannot pick up the truck trailers themselves. It would key into the lift points on top of the container, but would have no way to lift a trailer. For that, you need a very large forklift.

    Here's what I intend to use on my layout, since I have both containers and truck trailers:
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    then how do they get trailers on Front Runners, or whatever those things are? all they have is a platform for the wheels, and a thingholding the front of the trailer up.
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    Perhaps a Lull?

    Are you referring to a lull? its a large articulated forklift, mostly found on construction sites? unfortunately, I cannot get your link to work for me, gotta be my end.. lemme think of the doohickey you are trying to describe.
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    Looks like a forklift equipted with a "side shifter"
    Thats all we have ever called it in North Carolina

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    Hello HOtrainman,

    Yup walthers use to produce these.Haven't seen them in the walthers wish book in a while. I have one of the jewels,but mine is working as a coil carrier. Very easy kit to assemble and a nice looking detailed model/

    Try e-bay in HO scale....might just find one.

    Dragon River Steel Corp {DRSC}
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    I have that walthers kit and it works great. It moves up and down plust it tilts too. It will grab 20 and 40 foot containers and hold them up in the air. :)
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    yup that one in the pic is the Walthers Container crane and as Combat said they are great and can pick up 20' and 40' containers. I also have 2 of them :thumb:
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    On the WP/UP they were called PiggyPackers by the employees. Here's a photo of one


    They could lift trailers and containers. Forklifts like the ones shows above are too small and too light to handle side loading trailers.
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    When I worked in the harbor for a container terminal, the machines were usually referred to by their brand name. Most of the names mentioned in this thread are brand names of machines rather than types. There are basically 4 types of cranes used to move container not counting fork lifts. Most containers have fork lift pockets on the bottom of the container to allow the use of fork lifts for moving empties.

    The crane used to unload containers from ships are "hammer heads" because when viewed from the side the machinery house makes the crane look kind of like a claw hammer.

    The second type of crane is the one that will straddle 4 or more stacks of containers and leave a truck lane to one side for loading and unloading. They are called "transtainers" because they are used to transfer containers from trucks to stacks & vice versa. When I left the harbor in 1989 the biggest transtainers that we had would stack 5 wide & 4 high and lift 5 high to clear the stacks when loading/unloading. When I first went to work for the terminal company, they had a warehouse on the property. Later on they leveled the warehouse and paved it over to make for more container stack storage. When the warehouse was in use, we would use a small straddle carrier similar to the machines used by sawmills to carry stacks of lumber around. The railroads use a much smaller version of the transtainer that will straddle a rail car and 2 lanes of trailers and will stack 2 high in a well car and lift 3 high toi clear. The other difference between the way they work in the harbor compared to the railroad is that in the harbor trucks & cranes are always moving. In the railroad yards, the trailers & train cars will be staged and then the crane runs along the track loading or unloading the train. The other difference between harbor carnes and railroad cranes is that the railroad cranes will have folding arms designed to lift trailers by the lower rails, where as in the harbor trailers are not loaded on ships so everything is lifted with twist locks in the top corner pockets.

    The third type of crane used in the harbor is the "top handler". It is a huge machine somewhat like a fork lift with a "spreader bar" mounted on the boom to lift containers by the top. The spreader bar is the rectangular mechanism that fits the top of the container with a twist lock in each corner to lock into the corner pockets of the containers to pick them up. It is designed to collapse to 20 feet or extend to up to 40 feet. The reason that the longer containers like 45, 50, & 53 footers have two sets of corner posts in each end is the need to have a set of corner posts to support the corners of the container and a set of corner posts at the 40 foot distance to allow the use of a standard spreader bar for lifting. The corner posts set at the 40 foot distance also allows a 40, 45, or 53 foot container to be stacked on top of 2 20 foot containers on a railcar. The top handler can handle either loaded or empty containers.

    The fourth type of crane used is called a "side handler." It has a single long spreader bar that will collapse to 20' or extend to 40'. Instead of locking on to the top of the container, it has a "barb" at each end of the spreader that goes into the side of the top corner pocket at each end of the container and then lifts the container from the side. The side handler will only lift empty containers. Attempting to lift a loaded container with a side handler will just lift the back, steering wheels off the ground.
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    I have three Kibri Mi-Jack's. Very nice kit's and can be easly super detailed. Problem is finding super detailing part's for them. :p
    Well, one of them isn't. It's a over sized forklift with a container face that just slide's on the forks. It's also a Kibri kit.

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