What is a Doodlebug?

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by kf4jqd, Sep 26, 2001.

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    That is my question. What is a doodlebug? Is it like a trolly? What is its function and history? The reason I want to know. I saw one in Walther's Fall sales flyer. I had to get one because I saw a Rock Island one! I just want to know how to incorpate it into the layout. Our go on display until my next layout.

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    Doodlebug Doodlebug!

    Attached is a picture of my Doodlebug! Here he is helping his mommy bake some brownies.

    Seriously, Doodlebugs were used for passenger traffic on short lines, or wherever a full-sized passenger train wasn't warranted. They are kinda like big trolleys. In fact, I believe that Brill made Doodlebugs. Here are some links with more information (you may have to search for "doodlebug" to get to the relavent material):

    http://www.dnaco.net/~gelwood/other/ri.html (link contains a picture of an actual RI gas-electric)

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    I had the same question! If you do a search (icon above) on doodlebug it will come up with about 10 posts. Especially my post on Union Pacific M - 32. I run a Doodlebug (bachman HO) on my layout, but I have bashed into an Australian lookalike from the 40'2 - 50's.

    This is Bachman's Union Pacific Doodlebug

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    ...... and this is a real Doodlebug

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    ....... and this is (what was a yellow Union Pacific) doodlebug re-done as a Victorian Railways DERM. The design is very similar. (refer my Union Pacific M -32 thread).

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    Rory -

    Thanks for the great Rock Island link !

    Just when I think I've found all the good sites, along comes another !!!


    Yes - like Andy, I'm another Rock Island nut - 'course I live just over the river from the namesake town! Rocks roll on my (much in progress) layout - unless I "go modern" with my
    IMRL SP-40.

    Andy - I "had" to get the 'bug, too. My "downfall" was a great bid price on e-Bay. Glad you asked the question to get us all this great info !!!!!!!!!!!

    I wonder why Doodlebugs wouldn't work today ???

    A Rock Island to Chicago would be great !

    - George
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    Thanks everyone for your input! I did order the Rock Island Doodlebug but, it looks like it may sit on the shelf until I make a new layout.

    George, are you a member of the Rock Island Technical Society? I've been thinking about it. Next time when I'm in the QC. I'll have to give you a call. Our old house was only 5 miles away from the Silvis yard for the Rock!

    Andy:) :cool: :D :p

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