What Happened to Kemtron?

Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by MilesWestern, Nov 25, 2005.

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    I often look through old (sometimes ancient) issues of MR and it seems that there is an excellent supplier of cast metal and lost wax castings (whatever they may be(?)) called KEMTRON. There is a HUGE book on model railroading I got from my local Fremont Library entitled: "The Complete Book of Model Railroading" by David Sutton, copyright 1964(!) In this book it shows an extenvie array of kmetron parts, mayn of which are very useful and interesting. My favorite, perhaps, is what they call "conversion kits" where you take widely manufactured locomotive and modify it. In the case it's a 0-6-0T that can be modernized, industuralized, or aslo converted into an 1800's stlye model,all of which look great.

    So what happened to this company, KEMTRON?
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    explains how lost wax casting is done-or google has many sites

    ive seen it done but as the mould is lost(hence the name) its usually a hobbyist practise

    altho i could see how the wax mould could also be remade from a second `master' moulding
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    Kemtron also used to manufacture a very good switch machine (solenoid type).

    Gus (LC&P).
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    I had a friend out in Southern Calif that worked for old Levon (Kemtron) the original owner. Terry said it was like an apprenticeship in the facets of modeling. He did everything from rolling boliers (for the old Wabash mogul) to "waxing" parts.
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    hey cal flash. on your site i looked at your stuff what kind of paint did you use on your backdrop what blue is that? was it rolled on .sorry not to go off topic here or steal a thread..;)
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    Sorry I forgot the mix: I got it off one of the sites I visited on doing backdrops. I could read it off the can if you're interested. Actually the formulas were so old, the guy at the paint counter had to convert it. I think it came out a little light - dosen't show enough contrast for the clouds.
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    what was the site ,ive been trying to find the right backdrop color its driving me crazy thanks bud anyhelp would be cool...:thumb:

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