What do we hope to see in 2008???

Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by Wildcatfootball, Dec 19, 2007.

  1. With 2007 quickly coming to a close, what to all the great HO modelers out there hope to see in 2008? What would be your "holy grail"? I'll start off I guess. This has already been made, but already there impossible to get.

    My wish for 2008 is for Athearn to come out with an Amtrak P42 Phase V in there normal RTR line, instead of being a Walthers exclusive. Thats my wish. Now it's everyone else's turn.
  2. Russ Bellinis

    Russ Bellinis Active Member

    I'm sorry to "rain on your parade," but it won't happen. Athearn is not carried by Walthers or any other distributor. Horizon has a corporate policy of distributing directly to hobby shops and only to hobby dealers who have a "brick and mortar" hobby shop with proof of same by picture of the store front. The reason that any Athearn models with Amtrak paint schemes are carried by Walthers is that Walthers has the exclusive rights to market models of Amtrak trains. If Athearn wants to build a model of a modern Amtrak locomotive, they must market it exclusively through Walthers. I'm not sure if Walthers exclusive rights to Amtrak extends to older models like the f-7 or fp40, or if those models by other manufacturers just came out before Walthers signed the deal to get an exclusivity on Amtrak. It may also be that Walthers is selective when it comes to who they allow to make Amtrak models and who they don't. Since Bachmann sells their entire line through Walthers as well as other distributors, Walthers may allow Bachmann liberties that they don't allow Athearn since Horizson pulled Athearn away from Walthers.
  3. puddlejumper

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    I would like to see the housing market improve so I could sell my house and buy a new basement.

    I guess that is not exactly what you meant...:mrgreen:

    I would like to see bowser revamp their N5 and N5C cabins to be more like their N8 cabins with seperate details, not molded on...

  4. Trainiac77

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    I would just like to see a big reduction in prices! :confused: It would be great to be able to purchase one or two DCC/Sound type engines without having to give up eating for a month or two(although my wife says that would be a good thing!).
  5. jbaakko

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    Walthers does not have exclusive rights. Athearn makes plenty of Amtrak units, as does Bachmann.

    However, the P42 PhV is a Walthers Exclusive, so that specific paint scheme on that unit MAY have exclusive rights.

    I think what he was saying, is he hopped there were more available, not just that Walthers exclusive, which is a long shot.

    Now, as for me...
    I'd like to see a T55 ACe in person, in my hand (Finally, 2 years later...).
  6. jbaakko

    jbaakko Active Member

    One last piece of proof...
    www.walthers.com -- trademarks page
  7. Thats what I'm talking about. So hopefully Athearn DOES have the rights to do it on there own. If not, then my only wish is for more Northern Pacific stuff.
  8. taylor_up_bnsf

    taylor_up_bnsf taylor_up_bnsf

    I would personaly like to see some green goats or the genset switchers. Other than the super expensive overland 3gs21b. I would like some sound decoders/systems that are very high quality and real clear that sound just as good as the real thing, and the normal and or electronic bells. Some new modern signals, like the ones blma are and plan to put out. Which follow the BNSF/UP prototypes.bounce7
  9. Ralph

    Ralph Remember...it's for fun!

    Radio controlled locomotives with no need to provide electicity to the track! Locos would have battery power and be recharged in engine houses. :)

  10. chooch.42

    chooch.42 Member

    My "NEW "N" '08 is that GHQ (or someone) would produce boiler/cab exchange for more mechanisms (4-6-0, 2-8-0,2-10-2,etc.) for PRR (and/or other road specific steam), so I can switch scales without nano-assemblers to build my engines ! Seems like there might be a market, maybe! HAPPY NEW YEAR<Everybody ! Bob C.
  11. Russ Bellinis

    Russ Bellinis Active Member

    I think that once enough railroads get green goats & gen set switchers to make a large enough demand, you will see them modeled in plastic. I'm not sure if it will be 2008 or 2009, but basically they need enough of the green goats and gen set switchers in operation all over the country to insure a ready national market. When that happens, a manufacturer will invest in the tooling to make the models. As long as their use is restricted to small relatively obscure short lines, there probably isn't the market for a manufacturer to invest in the necessary tooling.
  12. Overland has made the necessary tooling, so I'm sure other company's will fallow suit soon. Atlas strikes me as a good candidate to make the Green Goats and Gen Sets...
  13. spitfire

    spitfire Active Member

    I'd like to see some steam engines with all-weather cabs for once. Same thing I wish for every year. Mikados, Pacifics, Northerns would do nicely.
  14. tomustang

    tomustang Has Entered.

    You got that right, would be nice to get them back at the ole $2 price per rolling stock
  15. CRed

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    A Yellowstone in plastic or die cast!I would prefer the DM&IR M4,but a NP Z5 would work.Wishful thinking I know,but if Rivarossi can make a Allegheny and MTH can make a Triplex I don't see why someone can't do a Yellowstone.

  16. Kanawha

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    How about custom made locomotive models? Provide the scale blueprints, and they'll provide you with a perfect replica in either plastic or brass. Price varies based on size, material, and manufacture time. NOW THAT WOULD BE COOL! :)
  17. rogerw

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    I would like to see world piece and a manual on how women think...........Ummmmm ok the HO amtrak sounds good to me.
  18. puddlejumper

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    I would definitely buy an A-A Centipede even if I couldn't run it on my layout. Good suggestion!

  19. iis612

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    I would like to see more Pere Marquette anything...

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