what colors were the b & o RR engines

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by bigsteel, Dec 26, 2006.

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    hey its me with a new post.the title kinda gives it away .i have a new model of a hudson 4-8-4 and was wondering if the B&O had any if they did could you post a website or images so i can copy the colors and paint it.but if the didnt could you maybe have a website with engines close to the hudson.because even if they didnt id like to make it close as if it were real.if this turns up no answers ill try to find out if the C&O had any .any help would be great so tks:wave:
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    Looks like there is some confusion here..

    The Hudson is a 4-6-4. It's a passenger locomotive. The 4-8-4 is a Northern, and it's used for freight service. The B&O probably had a few of both types at one time or another.

    Anyway, a Hudson most likely will have a nicer paint job/cleaner appearance than a typical freight locomotive due to its use on passenger trains.
  4. bigsteel

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    thanks long island tom ur right when i was looking at the model box it does have 4-6-4 wheel config.tks on the insight.the one im building is just a model (wife didnt know the difference)lol.i need a idea of the B&O colors not great but anything similar to the hudson.it is going to look like it was abandoned on some lone tracks.but did they have a special paint scheme or were they black pretty much all over except for the lettering?im not completley sure but thanks for the info so far!!
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    if we're talking steam locomotives, generally you can't go wrong with black...
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    I'm not sure where to go for photos, but I remember seeing models of B&O steam in past issues of Model Railroader back in the '80s. Their passenger locos like the 4-6-2 Pacifics were painted royal blue. Their freight locomotives in contrast were black and silver.

    Somebody kitbashed a B&O Pacific (which were far more numerous than Hudsons on the B&O so I understanda) and got a photo of it in royal blue: http://forums.railfan.net/forums.cgi?board=BandO;action=displayphoto;num=1157646852;photo=BandO/revamped_mantua_P7.jpg

    I think a Hudson or two on the B&O roster were rebuilt from Pacifics.. Most likely they would retain that Royal Blue paint.

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