What Atlas said about their forum at the Seattle Show

Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by Espeenut, Jul 14, 2004.

  1. Espeenut

    Espeenut Member

    ...hey guys, I forgot to mention that while I was perusing the Atlas booth at the Seattle show I had a bit of a discussion with the guys from Atlas about the Forum. According to Rob, the forum will be back as they said, although they will be making some changes. I asked if the closure was due to certain individuals, Rob chuckled at that, said he knew what I meant but that it was not the reason for the closure, it had more to due with being too busy through the summer months and getting the forum re-vamped for re-opening after summer is over. I really enjoyed talking to these guys, Rob is more than happy to talk to folks and listen to what they have to say, and quite open to your suggestions for the future.
    ...just a tad of info for you to think about...

    Lorne Miller
  2. atsfman

    atsfman New Member

    I still have problems with just shutting it down with no warning or explanation other than what they posted. Personally I miss the fast pace of Atlas forum, the rest seem pretty tame in comparison, but I don't know if I will bother to go back or not.

    I also wonder if they are going to tighten up the rules quite a bit. I belong to the Aristo forum in large scale also. There you cannot mention any other large scale brand or maker in a post, so people resort to cute little things like "brand L*B or *SA to get around it. The forum is run to exclude any uncomplimentary remarks about Aristo, and you can get suspended for doing so. I did and I did.

  3. Fred_M

    Fred_M Guest

    Seems like a lot of Millers here. :D Fred Miller
  4. Jon Grant

    Jon Grant Member

    Glad to hear that it is actually going to be back, although I for one have found several new homes since the closedown.

    Jon (not Miller) Grant
  5. brakie

    brakie Active Member

    While that is good news I don't think I will be going back..I am a moderator on 3 forums and that should keep me busy and to tell the truth I was about to quit before Atlas shut the forum down..I do plan to peek in and see what the new forum looks like though.
  6. hoyle

    hoyle Member

    brakie like to join the forums you are a moderator on can you let me know what they are if you dont care.
  7. Dave Plummer

    Dave Plummer New Member

    I'm up in the air about the Atlas forum. Personally, I have seen it run its course about three times. In the end it became the bully pulpit for those egotistically bashing everyting that came to be in the name of progress. All the while being cheered on by prototype slaves who knew little to nothing about the details to which they were devoted. It was also torn apart by the evolution of the hobby (RTR, royalties, sound, made-to-order productions, DCC, etc...) and the camps that we all fell into as a result of their discussions. Then the jokers showed up and took the place for a ride. I was there for two years before I saw a topic get locked. Don't get me wrong, there were some very heated debates, but they were handled in a mature manner. By the shut-down it was averaging a couple of locked topics a week.

    On the plus side, it was a VERY active forum and there was always something going on and there were A LOT of talented people making contributions. The Sunday photo fun was a great routine that I missed out on because of dial-up. You got a pretty good feel for the pulse of the hobby and what was going on. I guess the main thing I learned from it all was that a high-quality B23-7 needs to be made by someone.

    My interest in forums is no where near what it once was (mainly because I moved from inside sales to outside), but they are still a valuable asset to the hobby.

  8. atsfman

    atsfman New Member

    Come on Dave, don't get me started on the B23-7 again.

  9. Dave Plummer

    Dave Plummer New Member

    When they do finally make one, I'm buying a consist in your honor, Bob.

  10. pdt

    pdt Member

    Same here, in yellow warbonnet, no less, Bob. I'll also snag one or two for bashing into Norfolk Southern high noses.

    Atlas was getting to be a pretty rough place there toward the end. That's about the time I joined up here. I found little I could even post on without it being a controversial topic likely to get locked. Hopefully we'll see some improvements over at Atlas when it comes back online. And some familiar faces.
  11. dean

    dean New Member

    Now I will second that call for a model we all would like to see, a quality B23-7 locomotive. It is, and probably will be one of the most requested models to date. . Perhaps we will see one from; Atlas, Kato, LL P2K or...
  12. Fred_M

    Fred_M Guest

    From what I have heard the railroads use to say the same thing. :D Fred
  13. Jon Grant

    Jon Grant Member

    Nice one Fred:D
  14. hoyle

    hoyle Member

    I woant the one with the Q cab.
  15. atsfman

    atsfman New Member

    Okay Jon, back to sleep. The B23-7 thing on Atlas got to be comical after awhile. Finally Paul said when they did announce one, they would let me do it. Then they shut the forum down. Must be a message there somewhere.

  16. Espeenut

    Espeenut Member

    ...hey Bob, I forgot to mention another thing...when I was chatting with Rob Pisani at the show I made mention of the "Bob's B23-7", you should have seen the big grin that came across his face, so...you never know what may come down the track, as the old saying puts it, "hope springs eternal".

    Lorne Miller
  17. brakie

    brakie Active Member

  18. hoyle

    hoyle Member

    Thanks Larry.
  19. Mastiffdog

    Mastiffdog Member

    The Atlas forum is the model railroader's battle ground. I guess the posts that sent me reeling were guys that made statements as if they were facts. I would always get into trouble by calling these posters to the carpet. This often sparked controversy.

    I enjoy the hobby, and I like the "shop talk" too. The technical posts are usually very good and helpful to many modelers. The other topics were very entertaining and quite fun to be a participant.

    In nearly every hobby or sport, politics and controversy exists. When you get that many folks together in one place (the forums) there is bound to be some excitement.

    I say, let it rip ...


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  20. When the Atlas forum is up and running I will check it out for sure, I learned a tremendous amount about all sorts of topics, alot of which I am incorporating into my new layout. The wealth of knowledge was amazing, and the quick response to questions was great. I ignored all the flame wars and I would not read any post that was posted by certain members.

    I liked the layout of their forum as it made for a fluid forum and I found myself reading something about logging operations for example, where as on other forums logging operations may be a separate title so I may just skip over such stuff.

    Since the shut down I found that I have spent more time working on the layout.
    I must sy that I am enjoying this forum, lots of info here.

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