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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Edavillenut, Apr 5, 2003.

  1. Edavillenut

    Edavillenut Member

    i am looking to buy a PAASCHE airbrush but dont know what model to buy. i want gravity feed cup and sphion cups. i will be useing it to do painting of models and weathering. if any one has any imput it would be a big help. thank you
  2. Vic

    Vic Active Member

    Hi Shawn, I have used the Model H for more years than I care to remember. It has been trouble free as long as its kept clean just like any other airbrush. Unless you want to do artistic work too such as art work or shading stay away from the double action model VL...its just overkill for model work.

    The H Model is a single action brush that comes with color cups and jars and fine, medium and coarse tips....and a braided hose.

    Its a tried and true design as it was designed back in the early 1900's and has held up over the years....IMHO for model work it can't be beat.....Plus it's not expensive...I have seen them on sale at times for under $60......Check with the mailorder or online discounters.....Keep it clean and you'll never have to buy another one!!

    I've had them all and always come back to the H Model.
  3. Blake

    Blake Member

    Get the Badger 360 Universal. It is a double action internal mix airbrush that can be used with siphone feed bottles or a rotating gravity feed paint cup. It just doesn't get any better than this. Go to thier site to check it out.
    When you are ready to buy one, go to:
    Best investment I ever made.
  4. guppyman

    guppyman Member

    I just got this airbrush given to me for my B-day yesterday....

    So, now that I have it, how do I use it???? Also... I saw this statement and now I wonder if I have something that I shouldn't??? Can I make this work?

    I played around a bit with it yesterday and discovered I am going to need a lot of practice with it before I really know what I'm doing....

    Any good hints, tips, paint tips, etc....????
  5. ezdays

    ezdays Out AZ way

    I'll bet if you did a Google search you would fine a few sites that would provide some "how to's" and possibly a tutorial.

    I bought a brush years ago that was on sale, before MRR was a twinkle in my eye, an like you, I haven't any experience in using it. someday, maybe I'll learn how.

  6. scoobyloven

    scoobyloven Member

    as for an air brush i have the paasche h model i got it about 6 years ago and it is the best one i found to use if you are just starting out i went and bought one of the vl's and used it a couple of times and it went back in to the box and on the shelf i get better control with the h model but it is all to the one who uses it i also air brush other stuff when not painting somthing on my layout

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