well, heres my newest project.....

Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by trainsteve2435, Sep 1, 2004.

  1. hi guys, just wanted to see what you all thought of my swing gate? im no carpenter, and im sure theres things i forgot, but i got up this morning and decided to see what i could do. well, here it is. one full days work, but its pretty well finished. only thing that bothers me is the hinges sticking up, they limit my space for track. does anyone know how i could remedy(fix) this problem? also, please let me know if you see something i have forgot, and any suggestions or comments, as i said, im no carpenter so all your comments are welcome. thanks!:wave:

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  2. heres one more.....

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  3. Fred_M

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    If anything the hinges are not up high enough. They have to be up high enough so the track will pull apart rather than try to rotate back into themselves. The centerline of the pins need to be slightly more than the heigth of the rail above the table plus the heigth of the rail more (code 100 the pin centers need to be at least .100 above the rail heigth as layed on the plywood). Fred

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  4. davidstrains

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    I think that I would have swung it down instead of up. That way you eliminate the hinge on top. and the rail rotates out instead of in.
  5. jubylives

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    Here's a thought. Get rid of the hinges. Use the slide locks on the side you have the hindges on. That way you could lay your track, cut it and just lift the bridge up and out. This will means you'll have to have a place to store the bridge but no hindges in the way . Just a thunk. For not being a carpenter you did a good job though.


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