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    Welcome to the Plans & Blueprints forum! :D Thanks for all the suggestions and interest in getting this going. :thumb::thumb:

    Please feel free to post your own works, or links to plans that are publicly available elsewhere on the Internet. Scans of plans from kits, books, or magazines, etc will not be accepted and will be removed. You should always give some sort of reference or credit, even if it is to yourself!

    When posting, be sure to give your thread a meaningful title, like "Marlpost, Ontario passenger station", or "Victorian brick house" to make it easier to find with our search tool.

    Please refer to The Gauge's http://forum.zealot.com/t110806/ for more information on the posting and use of copyright materials.

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    Great. Thanks to all the admins and moderators for getting this going, and biggest thanks of all to Russ Bellinis for proposing the idea.
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