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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Livesteam, May 4, 2005.

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    Has anyone else gotten wierd E-mails from some one in Nigiria saying i would like to buy the things off your site what are the web pages of where you are selling things?, i have gotten about 3 and one i am responding too and its very funny these people do not know what they are talking about,I said to them what web site are you talk about and what do you want to buy and he E-mails back saying i dont know but i want to buy what you have for sale give me the web site, , I dont even have anything for sale, some people are crazy. :rolleyes:
  2. MasonJar

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    Don't reply to those emails! And don't send anyone else's web site addresses...

    Replying simply confirms for the sender that someone is there, and the email address is good. You need to watch out for what comes next - if you are lucky, it'll just be a bunch of spam. If unlucky - viruses and so on.

    Good luck...

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    I think I would be VERY, VERY careful about that, and give out nothing, if I even answered.

  4. ezdays

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    Sounds like another Nigerian scam starting up. If you contact 10,000,000 people, even a hit of .001% will bring in 100 suckers that take the bait and probably lose control of their PayPal or bank account..

    I got an email the other day for me to "update" my account information at a bank that I don't have an account with. When I looked at the URL of the link I was suppose to go to, I can't put it here since the IP's address contained a really foul word in it. I can't believe that someone would fall for this, but if they can just get a few people to respond, they can make a very good living this way.
  5. N Gauger

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    I get these all the time:

    ~~ Verify Sign on info

    ~~ Your account ahs been closed (Click here to re-enter your contact info)

    ~~ You have been selected to "get something" please enter your credit card number for shipping

    ~~ Your (Pay-pal) (Comcast) or (E-bay) account has been withdrawn because of unauthorized access....... etc... "Reenter your

    Remember - NEVER answer any e-mail like this - NEVER hit reply - In fact - if you can set your preferences to "not open" the mesages automatically when you click on them.. ( I have a delay set on Outlook, "Mark messages as read after 5 seconds) it gives me time to click & delete them :D

    ~~ Always try to go to teh "supposed originator" of the e-mails & report them by forwarding the e-mails
    Ex: If it says "e-bay something yada yada .... Forward it to

    Most banks & other companys have this - but sometimes its hard to find :( :( on their site

    Always look at the url of any link that comes in an e-mail.... Ex. IS NOT the same as our real url

    www.23.34.334.333/ IS NOT their real address!!!
    always check to see if the url is accurate and the "real name " appears immediatly after http://

    If you dont see it like this.. IT's FAKE - Do Not Do Anything except try to report it!! :D :D and yes - I report about 2 a month :( :( :(

    It's a shame that people are like this :( The best you can do is be knowlegable :) ;) and dont get fooled!! :D :D
  6. N Gauger

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  7. ezdays

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    That is excellent advice. My email filters out maybe 95% of my spam and rarely thinks a good message is spam. On my yahoo address, they are letting a bit more in than my local email address. If there is a link you are suppose to click on, my browser will show the URL of that link at the bottom of the screen when I pass the cursor over it. As you say, it was not the bank's URL, but rather something like: "www.anothersite/bankname/info". The spoof ISP address contained the "F" word and I can't imagine anyone with a bit of computer know-how would fall for that, but that's not who they're trying to spoof.

    Now call me a prude, but I think they should be able to shut down any site that has the F word as part of their address, best yet, don't issue that address in the first place. As of now, that is their "constitutional right" to do that, but I will NOT defend their right to do it.

    And that's my soapbox speech for today. :wave::wave:
  8. Zman

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  9. Livesteam

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    I dont have a paypal account but i know i already gotten a spam from one awhile ago , It is the nigiria scam, I can't belive how messed up it is down there.
  10. ezdays

    ezdays Out AZ way

    The Nigerian scam started years ago through snail mail. I used to get two or three every month. Basically some "official" of the bank, government, oil company or other trusted position has some unclaimed money (anywhere from $10,000,000 to maybe even $50,000,000) that they want to get out of the country and are willing to share with you for accepting this huge sum. You cut can be anthing from 25 to 40%. A portion goes for payoffs and fees, the rest goes to the sender. If you bite, they ask for you banking informationa and other stuff in order to deposit the money in your account, when instead, they drain it. Or, they run into a hitch, and ask you to send them a measly $15,000 to pay someone off so they can get the money released. Some people have lost great sums of money, some have gone to Nigeria and have never been seen since. With the abilities of the internet, there have been many more trying this for more than just Nigeria.

    These other scams resemble this one, they just want your bank, credit card or paypal information so they can suck the accounts dry.

    It doesn't have to come from Nigeria to be a Nigerian scam. If it looks like a duck and sounds like a duck, it probably isn't a duck if it comes to you on the Internet.:eek::eek:
  11. Livesteam

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    I bet some of those scammer make a living doing that, since online you can be some one your not Its sad but true that some poeple really think its true and they will get 50 grand,i used to know some one who lost i think 7 grand because of that they needed help and promised him twice what he sends and after a week he sends a E-mail asking wheres my money and the E-mail has been earased. I got scammed kind of, i did not lose anything but i sold something online and everything they gave me there name adress and knew what i was talking about but the check that should have been 300 was 5 grand with a africa adress and a fake name and everything, the funny thing was that there was one date on the check that said 3/6/05 the wierd thing is that it said the check was issued that day but that is the day i got it.I did not know they would do that and send me that much i knew it was a scam once i got it and they said online a whole story that my wifes in the hospital please forward half to the hospital and half to my cousin im in need for your help and whole bunch of **** he said, so i never E-mailed them back and they didnt bother me, luckly i didnt lose anything
  12. eightyeightfan1

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    A couple of days ago, I got one of those "E-Mail Lottery" scams.
    First, I checked where they said the money was coming from( Then I emailed the contact name in the letter. I told them to send the check to the place of my employment as my wife and I are going through a divorce and I don't want her to find out I won.(Two can play that game)
    I gave the local FBI office in New Haven as my place of employment.(Which I got out of the phone book)
    Think I'll hear from him?
  13. spitfire

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    Good one Ed!!!


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