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Discussion in 'Traction Thoroughfare' started by interurban, Sep 26, 2006.

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    Thanks Chris! I've been thinking of making a sticky with just this sort of link.

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    Is there a reason you posted this today?
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    Unfortunately, BEC has suspended operations.

    2006/07/25 Update
    Production suspended

    [SIZE=+1]We are going abroad in the middle of August 2006 to the Philippines for about a year. During this time we will not be able to produce any more BEC-KITS tram kits, bogies or trucks. We are not able to accept any new orders.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=+1]Our existing stocks of Tower Tram kits, etc. will be available from East Lancs Model Tramway Supplies and you can email j.d.whitehouse2@tesco.net[/SIZE]
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    :thumb: Thanks very much for the links bill937ca

    Please show us what you do in the traction forum, always good to here from a fellow Traction nut.:thumb:
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    I will post some photos soon. I have a small 30" x 60" layout under construction.
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    Another supplier for the heavy traction guys.

    Model Memories has catenary poles, catenary bridges, 3rd rail hanger kits and photos of heavy electric layouts, and city details like light poles, fire escapes and venetian blinds.

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    Model Railroad Warehouse for a GE Steeple cab and perhaps a McGuire Cummings 2 truck sweeper body styrene w brooms & frame in fall/winter 2007.

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    So glad you posted these sites Bill.
    Great info and the price`s are good to:thumb:
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    Retriever parts

    Hi all: I am a newbie here. Busch has a new paint scheme for the HO scale GMC new-look fishbowl bus, it is the "environmental paint scheme" as used on an Edmonton, Alberta BBC/GMC trolleybus. I want to turn one of these Busch units into an Edmonton trolleybus; and, if I am lucky to power it with a Faller Car System propulsion system. The trolleybus line will supplement my streetcar routes.

    I will be going to those parts sites in this thread later on but I thought I'd ask as maybe some one can short cut my search.

    All for now, Swamp Daddy :rolleyes:
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    Hey there Swampdaddy - welcome to the Gauge! :wave:

    Glad to see your first post was in our Traction forum. I think your powered trolleybus is a brilliant idea!!! :thumb: Keep us posted on your progress with it - I would love to see how it works out.

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    Retriever parts

    Welcome Swamp Daddy.

    The only retriever parts that I am aware of in any scale are offered by Light Rail Products in G scale:



    On the HO trolleys Customtraxx painted and detailed for me, the retriever is just a small hunk of styrene.

    I'll give you a couple of O scale suppliers as trolley coach retrievers are sometimes oversize compared to streetcar retrievers. Q scale does offer a couple of retrievers, but one model is out of stock.

    Current Line Models


    Q Car Company



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    East Gary Car Company has some nice stuff in O & G scale. No web site but you can get a catalog with an SASE to 3828 St. Joseph Ct. Lake Station, IN 46405

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