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  1. any one have a good way too preduce rust and rust spots????:wave: thanks
  2. Ralph

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    Here's a couple but do try a search under "weathering" or "rust" by using the search function at the top of the page. I recall seeing lots of good threads about this topic over the last few years.

    Anyway, some folks use dry brush painting with suitable rusty brown and orange colors. Others like artist chalks as another possibility.

  3. hummerdaves

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    I have a few tricks to make rust.

    1 - I use A.I.M powders with Micro-sol and a very small brush, Take the brush and dip it into the Micro-sol and then dab it into the powder then stiple it on to the side of the car.
    2 - Gouache waterbased paint in a tube, This type of paint has a texture to it and when dry looks like a very fine coatting of rust.
    3 - Hairspray the type in the pump bottle, Paint or color your then spary a fine even cote of hairspray on then sprinkle on your powder or chalk and let it dry then give it a shot of Dull-cote.
    4 - Items 1 - 2 can be mixed together to get some really nice results.
    Here is something I am working on it may give you some ideas?

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