Weathering with charcoal

Discussion in 'FAQs' started by gibbs, Sep 26, 2001.

  1. gibbs

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    Here's a suggestion I haven't seen anywhere yet. In addition to using chalks for weathering purposes try a similar method with (artists) charcoal pencils. They can be scraped into a cup and applied using a brush, or use it like a pencil for fine work. The effect is more of a 'grimy', dull black. Its also a little more premanent than chalk, although it can be wiped off with some work. Try it. Looks great! :)
  2. Woodie

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    Hi Scott,

    Your first post too! :cool: All ideas and do's and dont's are always welcome.
    When weathering with charcoal, do you seal it with anything? Say a dullcoat or glosscoat spray? Otherwise your weathering will "weather" and grubby fingers! :)
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    I was just thinking the same thing...
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    Shamus has an article in the Academy/Archives re: weathering - he used chalk instead of charcoal, but finished up with a spray of something to fix everything.
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    Great idea. And like all great ideas, it makes one wonder why he didn't think of that himself.....

    Thanks for sharing it.


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