We will now be hosting WebDude's models in the RESOURCE SECTION!

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  1. Rhaven Blaack

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    In memory and honour of The WebDude, @Revell-Fan and I will be uploading all of his models (category by category) to the RESOURCE SECTION to preserve his precious work (before the website is removed) for all to enjoy.
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  2. Revell-Fan

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    This is correct. Thank you very much for this announcement, Chris. :)

    I've got to know Rick aka "TheWebdude" when he was designing the models from "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow". He was such a good guy, a fellow modeler first-class, resourceful, always helpful, friendly and polite. His work is remarkable. One of the most impressive ones is a big Memorial Day papercraft which will be added to the new section soon. It is not a difficult model but once finished the impact and meaning it has is huge. This section is dedicated to him and his memory and should make sure that his work does not get lost.

    Rick, thank you for being here. You will always be remembered.

    misc050.gif misc050.gif misc050.gif


    misc050.gif misc050.gif misc050.gif
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  3. nevadablue

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    Excellent, thanks for doing this!

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