Wauseon & Norwalk Railroad (N scale)

Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by 2-8-2, Jan 22, 2006.

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    Click on the thumbnail above for a link to the full-sized view.

    This layout is N scale, approx. 40"x60". Elevated trackage is noted in red. I labeled industries with yellow numbers.

  2. I have the book on that layout.
    Looks like a great project.
    There is lots of modeling to be done there for such a small space.
    Keep us updated on your progress.
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    Yep, this is the layout featured in "N Scale Model Railroad That Grows", an MR book. I won't be modeling mountains, those will be replaced will hills. I'm also considering extending the layout to 72" to make a larger yard and remedy the running in circles appearance.
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    Minor quibble: Those S-curves leading into the siding and spur at the bottom. They could easily be reduced.

    If you want a really honest opinion, the layout looks toylike. (This is not a complaint about your planning. It is, however, a complaint about the book.) It has the basics - a couple passing/runaround tracks and some spurs - but I don't like the look of the multiple loops. The one on the right especially doesn't seem to serve a function.
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    You're absolutely right. I really like the book, the step-by-step is great and the completed layout is really well done. The more I look at the track plan, the more I agree with you about its toylike appearance.

    I hate the oval look of the whole thing. I'm a bit too old to enjoy watching trains running around in circles. However, with my limited space, my options are limited as well. I've wasted countless hours trying to come up with my own track plan to no avail. I don't like ovals or figure eights, and I like yard space and switching action. It's a tall order to fill for a space no bigger than 48x72.

    I guess it's back to the drawing board.
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    I might try my hand at making this layout in RightTrack:


    I found this on the Train Player website. I'll probably flip it around so the yard area is in front however.
  7. Have you looking at the 'small N-scale layouts' at Thortrains (http://www.thortrains.com)? He has a wide variety of layouts from point to point to spaghetti junctions.

    one nice 2x4 (see below), has a small yard and plenty of switching, plus an oval to make things run


    If you can go just a LITTLE large, I have a nice 30x48 plan with a not-oval look (Peanut shaped), 5 Industries and an Interchange, and a small yard that doubles as an inglenook puzzle. It is, I think the best plan I've ever come up with

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    He can do 48"x72" - more than twice as big as your last plan.


    I've done some planning for N layouts this size or slightly bigger for my own use. I don't think I have anything offhand that would suit your desires...

    Maybe I should ask: Do you want a continuous run that doesn't look stiff, or just a switching layout? What types of equipment do you want to run? What locale/era?
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    Thanks for the suggestion, and yes, I've spent a lot of time on that website poking around. Most of them are too small or too oval looking for my tastes. I do like the other layout you posted, but I have more available room than that (48x72).


    I want a little of both. It might be too tall an order for my space requirement, but in the end, I think it's the only way I'll be satisfied. I don't want to watch trains run in circles, but I don't want a point-to-point either. Some continuous run with switching action is what I'm looking for. I want the feel of operating a railroad with a working yard.

    I'm modeling Ohio in the early 50's, when diesel was starting to replace steam. I haven't settled on industry yet, though I know it won't be logging or anything that requires long freight cars. A grain elevator, small coal operation and power plant are possibilities.


    The more I look at the above layout, the more I like it. Can something like this be adapted to fit my space?
  10. ok. For some reason I was thinking you had 30"x40", don't ask why.

    So you have, really, 4'x6' for an N-scale layout. That's actually pretty BIG for N. (Its similar to having 8'x12' for HO)

    let me look through someof my plans (I've tended to the 2x4 and Door size layouts).

    For switching I'm always fond of Inglenook, which is the classic English puzzle. Its the UK version of the Timesaver.

    it sounds like the tricky part for you is you don't want an oval, but want an option for a continuous run, plus a yard and some industries, right.

    Have you considered a double-folded dogbone? Nothing like it for a super-long run. My first layout had one. Its length, especially with tunnels and viewblocks, goes a long way to hiding the loopiness (When a train takes over a minute at top speed to complete a route, you can almost ignore that it is a loop.)
  11. Heres something I worked out

    this is a 4x6 Nscale track. Its got 8 industries (9 if you use the yard lead as another industry instead of a yard lead). You have a turntable with room for 5 engines, 3 runaround tracks, switchback sidings, and a long. non-oval mainline run (something like 3/4 of a scale mile). It's crowded, but there is still plenty of room for scenery, and of course, you don't have to include every siding.

    the biggest weakness I see as drawn is that the yard lead shares the mainline, normally a big no-no, but this could be solved witha KATO or Peco crossover-switch at the second to last switch in the yard on the right, allowing the yard lead its own place. Atlas doesn't make a crossover-switch, and I used RTS to build this. There are a few S-curves, but all are formed from 19" radius curves, and are in sidings so should not cause most N-scale cars trouble.

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    I like it. It's crowded, but not technically a spaghetti-bowl since there are no extraneous connections. The way I like them. Just one main route and a lot of sidings. My only question is about the apparent 11" minimum radius. Will that be enough for steam?
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    I like it too! Triplex - He noted that the curves are 19" radius, at least the S-curve portion of trackage. Can you send me the RTS file?

  14. 11" radius is fine for just about any N-scale Steam out there. I'm running (on the 2.5x4.5) a fairly large steam loco (4-8-2) with no problem on 9.75" radius.

    all turnouts at Atlas #4 (which has a 19" radius curve) again, anything just about *should* handle it.

    The only thing I think MIGHT have trouble with it is something like a Big Boy or a Centipede, and even they might manage it.

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