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    I was thinking of adding a watermill to the layout and was looking for kits because the water wheels, bearings and motor was a little too complicated for a 'newie'. Has anyone built a Faller kit and if so can it be modified to look less 'Bavarian'. I'm striving for an american structure in the 1930/40 time frame.
    Also the idea of a moving water wheel is an asset but then real water is required for functionality. I'm guessing that putting water into the unit would be OK, on occasions.
    Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks, Jim
  2. scoobyloven

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    hi jim
    as for real water it can be done with planning on my n sacle layout i have real water in my lake and river i put in and i have a 20 gal fish pump to move the water as most pepole think i am crazy to do it. but as for the kits for a water wheel i'm scrach building my whole mill but for a moveable wheel frist you would need a motorand gears to slow the wheel down the motor you can get from a hobby shop or go to radio shack as for the gears you would need to vist the rc car spot in your hobby shop small gear on your motor and a big gear on the wheel (something like a 12 tooth gear on the motor and a 30 - 40 tooth gear on the gear. ) as the motor would turn faster then the wheel..
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    Hi Jim my boy, where've tha been.
    Faller make a special motor for a waterwheel/windmill, it runs at around 10 revs per minuet. You don't have to have real water, if the botom of the wheel is below ground level. Just make it look as if there is water there.

  4. jimnrose

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    Hi Shamusw & CO.,
    I've been working on the railroad. The grandkids and their accompliment will be here next Tuesday and I've been instructed to have the trains running by then or else; so.........
    Having fun and finally finishing the electrical and rough terrain
    but will concentrate on running the trains and adding a few structures before starting with the plaster. I've ordered a few kits
    (including Fuller's watermill) and do some kit bashing before getting into scratch building.
    Thanks again & take care, Jim

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