Water cooled & forced air SD40-2?

Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by KCS, Jun 4, 2006.

  1. KCS

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    Hey guy's, I bought an SD40-2 off Ebay for my birthday a few weeks ago almost brand new. The heading said it was water cooled and forced air. These unit's must be custom built because they are Athearn blue box locomotives. I'm waiting on our next show so I can run it and see what it's about. From what I was told, these components where installed to reduce heat and expand the life of the motor but there are only meant for running 8-10+ hours. It has a water tube that is sealed and it circulates water through it. On the rear of the locomotive on the top of the gear box housing on top of the rear truck it has a miniature fan that draw's air up from underneath the locomotive and forces it to the front and out of the bottom of the front truck. Pretty darn neat if I say so myself. The cooling system is wired directly to the trucks and not to the motor so it's not drawing more amps, therefore it can be run with the typical Athearn locomotive. It came from a guy in Ft. Worth, Texas. Does any one else here own any of these special built units?
  2. doctorwayne

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    Sounds interesting, but a properly lubed Athearn bluebox loco should be able to run at least 8-10 hours continuously and not overheat, with no modification.

  3. matt fisher

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    re water cooled sd40 2

    this sounds to good to be true , can you provide some pictures when you get it .
  4. Russ Bellinis

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    Sounds interresting, but a stock blue box Athearn that is properly lubed will run for hours without problems. When they do finally fail it is due to worn out gearboxes rather than a motor overheating.
  5. KCS

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    Well, I paid $37.00 total including shipping so I didn't loose anything. Another good thing about it other than being brand new is that it also came fully detailed with Air lines MU hose's and even scale plast hand rails. All it need's now is head lights and ditch lights.:thumb:

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