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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by Chessie1973, Feb 16, 2007.

  1. Chessie1973

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    Hello all,

    My freind and I were perusing our local Wally World's looking through the toy section when we stumbled upon some HO scale vehicles.

    A company called Motor Max has a line called "Fresh Cherries" that includes such Gems as the Ford Pinto, 1981 Ford Escort, 1984 Ford Tempo, and the AMC Gremlin in HO Scale.

    Also found many 1:87 scale cars of various makes and eras including some with things like classic RV type trailers behind them. Just though I would let the folks here know in case anyone was modelling a more modern era layout and has been having a hard time finding modern era vehicles to go along with it.

    FYI Motormax has a website:
    (Here is the linkage to the HO stuff)

  2. jbaakko

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  3. jesso

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    I raided our Walmart and bought all the Malibu International cars that looked modern (7). For a $1.97 each, you can't go wrong. I bought one with a trailer for $2.47 for my campout scene.

    If you are a NASCAR fan, they have a few of the race cars in HO scale. Race car module anyone?
  4. chessie4155

    chessie4155 Active Member

    I know the feeling, I've been to 4 different Wal Marts in a 20 mile radius and nothing , nada, zip ,zilch. I found a few of the JD tractors and some of the Cats, but none of those cool Fresh Cherries. I'm modeling the 70s and what better vehicles to have that says "70s" than the Pacer, Gremlin, and Pinto.. I keep checking back but nothing yet. It must just be in certain parts of the country? I'm in Southwestern Indiana.
  5. oldtanker

    oldtanker Member

    Way out here in nowhere Mn I have picked up a E100 and D100 van a Pinto and Pacer from the Dillworth store. 6 tractors (OTR) a 5 pack of Mucle/sports cars (SS 69 Comaro and Cuda) and a cobra from the Fergus Falls and Alexandria and a bunch of the Cat stuff.

  6. Wulfmann

    Wulfmann New Member

    A long time ago (25 years now) I modeled the late 70's early 80's of the Chessie system. I went to Barr yard in Chicago Dec 79 and photographed everything (press credentials). They even let me in a few locos.
    I was making actual models of motive and cars including misaligned lettering and rust etc.
    As B&ORRHS member I also photographed many 100 ton coal cars at the pier in Baltimore. what a rig. Still have 3 Atlas GP-40s from that era and one WM chop nosed GP-9.I also still have all the coal cars and many regular box cars. Can't seem to want to part with them.
    I am sure you have some of the same books I have on all this. I remember the C&O guys admitting they thought they knew their stuff until they merged with the B&O and learned from the best. The B&O used to be called the university of RR because almost everything originated there. First RR, first articulated loco first road diesel first AC passenger etc etc.

    Even rode the Chessie Steam
    The GP-9 I photographed at Barr and never really finished. It lacks glass in the cab. It is actually a Protopower with a flat Sagami. I had proto drill out the bottom so I could change the brushes without removing the motor and idea they asked if they could start using. (Which I said sure) While it is kit bashed with the chopped nose I chose it because it really had the winter box like the stock Athearn shell and it was easier to chop the nose than redo the fans.


  7. Alan Bickley

    Alan Bickley Member

    This has been discussed at length on the message board on www.87thscale.info
    Personally I have been looking for the high-speed Range Rover Sport and Land Rover Disovery III models that have apparently appeared at Wal-Mart. Although the nearest thing to Wal-Mart in the UK - Asda - are never likely to have any. *sob*
  8. Tomytuna

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    Hi all!..just to add to this thread...When I looked in Wallyworld for the cars...i stumbled upon "CAT" equipt..Bulldozer,frontend loader,"steamshovel",heavy earthmovers etc..priced @5.79 each...local hobby shop has them for $16.00-18.00.....thought i'd let ya know...Tom
  9. jbaakko

    jbaakko Active Member

    Proven. Found the Range Rover Sport, and a pink El Dorado.

    One note, however, they're the "toy" version, and lack most of the moving parts that the one at the Hobby Store has.
  10. Chessie System

    Chessie System New Member

    I just got a Semi truck there yesterday. I hooked it up too a $12 model of the trailer I got years ago. Frankly the $4 semi looks better. All the cars they had where sports cars that would only be of use on an exotic car dealer lot.
  11. chessie4155

    chessie4155 Active Member

    Wulfmann, WOW , that is an awsum GP9. I would love to have one of those. Nice job ya did there.:thumb:

    Oldtanker, who made the 5 pak of muscle cars? I have a couple of the Cameros by Malibu but didn't know anyone was making a Cuda, what year is the Cuda?

    If the Cuda is HO scale, that means theres another knife in my heart! lol I can''t find the Fresh Cherries anywhere around here. My son went to Terre Haute today , 50 miles north of us, and found none. I'm beginning to think it' a regional kinda thing as to which Wally Worlds has what.
    We'll keep pluggin away, some day maybe we'll get lucky!:D
  12. Mike14xx

    Mike14xx New Member

    I know the small 1:87 your talking about. I have a bunch of them- Porsche Cayman S, Jaguar XJS cabrio, Jaguar XK120, and many more.
  13. Wulfmann

    Wulfmann New Member

  14. jbaakko

    jbaakko Active Member

    Just checked my Wal*mart (I work there) today, and someone cleared all but about 10 trucks!

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