Wabash 16 wheel flat car

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    I am presently building this model from an article by Gordon Odegard. I did some research and it appears the load was two crank shafts for two single cylinder Hamilton-Corliss steam engines for an electrical power house in the state of Indiana around 1900.
    Someone in another forum pointed this out to me.

    I did quite a lot of searching for Hamilton-Corliss steam engines. Different versions of Corliss where used quite a lot.

    The first page is blank. Go to the second page.


    The TIFF photos show the installations quite nicely.

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    Very nice Historical pics. It's fun to look at those old pics but at the same time it's sad to see them all abandoned. One can just imagine all the work & time spent in them old places in their hayday. Keep us posted.
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    @ Lexon,

    compare this thread here and look also this and this.


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