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    Visited the General today, the 4-4-0 locomotive in "the great locomotive chase" during the Civil war. She's housed at the Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History in Kennesaw Ga. Built in 1855, she was under steam as late as 1962. That's the year she was restored by the L&N RR. Here's a picture of the General in front of the pre civil war Atlantic & Western depot in Kennesaw in 1972. The depot still stands just across the street from the museum, only a few steps from where she was stolen by union spies in 1862 starting the great chase.

    The museum also houses an incredable collection of wooden patterns and machine shop equiptment from the Glover Locomotive works that was in Marietta Ga. just a few miles south. If your ever in north Georgia, it's well worth the $7 price of admission. Here's a link to a detailed history of the General if anyone would like to know more This loco has lead a interesting life, she was in the great chase the battles of Kennesaw Mtn. and Atlanta. several legal battles and has gone from burning wood to coal to oil and back to wood.

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    Thanks for sharing that SAL.

    This has always been my favorite locomotive.
    I still think that the old Buster Keaton movie "The General" is one of the best train movies around.
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    That's cool!! Looks great!!
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    During the war General was seriously damaged, I think in the burning of Atlanta or an explosion in the railway yards. She was then rebuilt to the modern appearance she has now.
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    Wow! It really looks like that! And I thought the Mantua model looked toylike, he he he. Pardon the moronic comment.

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