Video of the Hudson CP 2816 Steam Engine

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by fsm1000, Oct 31, 2008.

  1. fsm1000

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    A little while ago this steam engine came near to where I lived and I took some so so videos of it. It is small at first but gets bigger about half way through it.

    I took it with a camera so the video is not that great but still it is a live steam engine. I hope you enjoy it a lot.

    On the main page of my website scroll down to the date "Friday October 31st 2008" and click the link there to go see it.

    The song in the video is one I wrote [words and music] called "Kingdom of love". I am singing and a guy named Richard Fordham is doing the background vocals and ALL of the instruments. He is VERY talented.

  2. seanm

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    Check the bottom of his sig.
  3. Dave Flinn

    Dave Flinn Member

    Just out of curiosity, where did this take place and what was the occasion?
  4. MasonJar

    MasonJar It's not rocket surgery

    CPR re-acquired 2816 from Steamtown, PA and completely rebuilt it. It has run across Canada a couple of times (I saw it in 2004) pulling a very expensive excursion train. It did special events and so on in major centres. Check out for more info on the "Royal Hudson".

  5. Squidbait

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    There's a couple of articles on the Royal Hudsons in the latest Classic Trains. One on the Royals by Jim Shaughnessy (with some excellent photos), and another about the rebuilding of 2860.
  6. 60103

    60103 Pooh Bah

    Nit pick: 2816 is not a Royal Hudson but a common or garden-variety Hudson. Despite the CPR's calling it the Empress.
  7. fsm1000

    fsm1000 Member

    Dave the occasion was the 150 celebration of BC the province where I live. It was in Port Coquitlam on June 29th 2008. It has made several stops through the province for this.

    And David you are right it is not the "Royal" Hudson. The Royal Hudson is doing duty up and down the west coast to Whistler last time I checked.

    Thanks to all who seen the video and to anyone who commented on the video thanks :)
  8. RobertInOntario

    RobertInOntario Active Member

    That's a great video -- my son and I really enjoyed watching it and a few other videos. Thanks for posting it. Rob
  9. RobertInOntario

    RobertInOntario Active Member

    I think this Hudson came out our way (southern Ontario) a few years ago. I'd give my two hind teeth to see it again. I guess this means waiting until it returns or saving up money for a BC trip!

  10. fsm1000

    fsm1000 Member

    Robert you are welcome I am glad you enjoyed it :)

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