VIA Rail "comfort" class...funny!

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by siderod, Jul 10, 2004.

  1. siderod

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    arggggg....riding 'comfort' class...comfort my get on a train at 11:30PM in Dorval, yur stuck in a hard seat surronded by loud kids, seniors who never shut up, crying toddlers, with yur knees stuck up yur nose becasue aforementioned seniors and kids have taken up the overhead bin with their stuff so yur duffel bags are at yur feet. You can't sleep, heck, you can't even relax...mainly because you can't move to get comfortable because the seniors we keep mentioning has passed out in his seat, with his feet stuck under your jaw and you can't move because awaking him would subdue you to hours upon agonizing hours of how children should be more respectful of their seniors and should let them sleep despite the fact that THEY were prohibiting your sleep before you distrubed them. Once you DO finally get to sleep, it's you stop, at 6:30 AM in Trenton Junction and you have to wake that stupid old man again, and carefully make yur way up the narrow walk-way...dodging heads and legs of people, kids and other sprawled-out lifeforms. Whoops, hit a kid...he started crying, time to run! You make it off the train, but just...the doors slam shut behind you. As the train rushes off, you realize "wow...i really AM a freakin moron!! It's 6:35AM, i'm in the middle of nowhere, in a place i dont know...and i can't see my hand in front of my face, more then likly because i can't life either arm high enough to get it within your range of vision...heck, you made it off the train, but you'll be lucky if you'll be able to walk to the station! "geezzz," you mutter to yurself, "this better prove to her i really like her...six-and-a-half hours cramped up in 6-cubic feet of stale air..."comfort" class my butt!!...speaking of her, where is she?!"

    sore, stiff and every joint cracking, you walk into the station, dragging your lone duffel-bag behind you, because yur arms are dead and can't life their own weight. You colapse into a hard, plastic station chair...which sadly feels softer then the one you just rode 6.5 hours in! Yur about to pass out from exaustion when she walks in...she biked 30 minutes to meet you at 6:30 havn't slept in 30 hours from being to cramped...she hasn't slept in 30 hours from being so excited to see you.
    A quick kiss and yur on yur way to her house for a week!

    True story? not yet...might be sometime soon if i can help it...dang, i wish i wasn't broke and could afford something comfortable!!

    And yes, if yur wondering, VIA Comfort (lowest of 4 or 5 clases) is really that bad, if not worse! Cheap though!

    Have a laugh, Enjoy!
  2. Matthyro

    Matthyro Will always be re-membered

    Quite the experience siderod but at least you chose a train over alternative transport. I wonder why the seniors and kids did too.
  3. Ralph

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    I've had less than comfortable experiences on AMTRAK...a coach seat over night on a car with broken bathrooms at either end and -20 degree cold that blew in every time some one went from car to car....a sleeper cabin that I had to give up because the car "broke a wheel" and I had to spend the rest of the night in coach, a short ride from St. Paul to the WI Dells interupted because of a derailement in Chicago that caused all intermediate stops in Wisconsin to be cancelled and taken over by bus....on a very busy I-90 under construction...sitting at a standstill on a bus for a half hour when I was supposed to be enjoying a train ride! Still, we love 'em. :)
  4. CN1

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    Dorval to trenton Ont in 7 hours?? (11:30 Pm - 6:30 Am)

    You should ask for a refund
  5. Diesel John

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    Dear siderod

    Back in 1993 I was riding trains in the Great White North, as our power was freezing up at every crossing, 47 below. Just pulled out of Chapleau riding the 2nd Unit a SD-40 when she died. So here I am standing on the running board "47 below" track speed 55mph, as there was a deadhead crew in the lead loco that left me and one broken seat riding the 2nd unit. I would of loved a couple of seniors and kids to keep me warm.

    Even as I froze, I loved it....

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