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  1. i got a copy of the modelik USS OHIO.
    my question is, is it possible to build the model using the bulk heads and just glueing it together like you would and air craft model? or MUST you use the interrior frame work???
    it seems it would be easier just glueing the pieces of the hull together useing the bulk heads with the glueing strips ... what do any of you guys think is the better way to do it
  2. swiftsword

    swiftsword Member

    I would use the framework in any case - you might end up with a banana otherwise. Nothing is more upsetting than a botched hull.

    Just my $.02


  3. Clashster

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    I would have to agree! Being a veteran of wooden ship model, nothing screws a model up worse than a hull that is out of alignment!
  4. paper warrior

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    I agree with swiftsword. Halsinki models cost money, better to do it right the first time.
  5. i am 3/4 through building the hull of the USS OHIO ( modelik model)
    i found that after i took the kit to offce max to have it copied to stock paper the colors of the hull came out somewhat darker , makes a better model of a boomer. i didnt use the main former that the bulk heads are glued to, i just built it up hull secion to hull section useing the bulk heads and glueing strips but in doing that noticed that the hull had many sections that did not fit properly, gaps and small bulges aplenty from bow to stern :( so what i did was take out the good old emery boards and sand down each section where the hull sections are glued till it had a nice smooth seamless feel to it ;)i dont want to repaint it so what i plan on doing is taking my copy of the model back to office max and have another set of copies made and reskin the sub before attaching the missile sail and prop, etc, etc. would using copies on regular paper be better or have it reskined with copies on stock??
  6. Bowdenja

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    shoot man.............. you're in that part on the old maps that said "here be monsters".............

    Re-skinning it will cause some short opinion. So if you can "hide" the mis-fit on the bottom of the model it should not be a big problem.

    I would go with a lighter weight paper to re-skin it, as it will conform better to the shape and maybe not be as hard to match up on the seam............. but it will also show more indentions in the hull if they are present.

    But again........... it's uncharted waters you be a sailing in mate.

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