USS Arizona Memorial

Discussion in 'Dioramas & Displays' started by inky, Dec 11, 2011.

  1. inky

    inky Member

    I got to thinking the other night that I have never seen an USS Arizona Memorial so I got busy and designed one.

    The base is a screen shot from Google maps and prints out on 8.5 x 11.

    Sorry I didn't get a picture of it with a cube. The monument is pretty small but easy to build, the other pieces of the build are kinda trick to work with but are doable.

    I have added this to the downloads section.

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  2. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    I think this is beautiful. Have you considered contacting the Foundation and sharing them with this. I think every person who goes to that monument would grab one of these. A brilliant spark of Genius!:thumb:
  3. inky

    inky Member

    HMMMMMMMM I might have to look into that. Make a nice little book and have a write up and history about the memorial with pictures and then have the card model, it might work my dear Watson.
  4. romanmodels

    romanmodels Member

    I think that micromodels had a model of the Arizona memoral. possibaly the USA micromodels. set s-ixx (s-19) thay have a hole lode of reprinted micromodels
  5. Eric Ferguson

    Eric Ferguson Member

    Looked all over the downloads section and couldn't find it. In younger days, I've stood on the Arizona Memorial twice. It's quite a moving experience, and am not ashamed to say it brought tears to my eyes both times. Thanks for a beautiful model.
  6. Eric Ferguson

    Eric Ferguson Member

    Slight correction to romanmodels post. Kept wondering why it kept refering me back to Zealots when I tried clicking on it.
  7. inky

    inky Member

    I uploaded it but it still has to be approved by the moderators. It will be in the Display and Diorama bits section.

    I haven't got to tour the memorial yet but some day I wish to.
  8. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    I have never seen the Micromodels model, being a big fan of FREE models, I tend to just stick with them. :)
  9. Eric Ferguson

    Eric Ferguson Member

    Inky, it *is* worth it. Knowing that there are sailors below you, well..... It's hard to describe. You're above a graveyard. Mom will never talk about it, but we're sure she lost someone there, that day.

    Agree with you Zathros, I *like* freebies too! There is an Arizone Memorial on the site. I was just curious about Micromodels, knowing they started in the early 40's. Somewhere around here, have a some reprints of a couple of their sailing ships. Quite small in size. Have *no* idea where I got'em.

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