Using Dcc, How Can I Hook Up Lights To My Turnouts To Signal Which Direction.

Discussion in 'DCC & Electronics' started by planeshavings42, Mar 19, 2007.

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    I'll try these picture if they don't show I'll e-mail them to you and if you want you can load them.

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    Try again

    Last try for the pics


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    Believe it or not i got it from other gauger's!!! They helped me design the track plan!! I have it in right track 7 and the person who helped me says i can send it to you if you want it. You can also take a look at this thread to see where the track plan started and how it's progressed into a layout:

    I've also talked w/ another gauger (Why Me) who suggested i use passing tracks on the outside of the loop instead of the x in the middle. I can see where he has a point after running the trains there is a some complexity in the middle that i had to work out w/ yet still more help form gauge members :) on the reversing sections in the middle.

    Lastly i am modifiying part of the layout to include a change in elevation and a potential link into another "module" in the future.

    The folks here at the gauge are AWESOME!! They have some great ideas aren't afraid to tell you what the think and they have a ton of experience!!! So if you have a question be certain someone here has an answer ahhahahaa. :thumb:

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    What did you use the cat5 network cable for? Was it power feeders or just led's?

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    Cat 5

    I used Cat 5 cables for everything except the bus wires. I ran Cat 5 wires to the switches and the remaining 4 wires were tied to terminal blocks under the top near the switches. I then ran the terminal blocks back to the main board to another set of teriminal blocks for later use for lighting or accessories. I did run the swithes back to terminal blocks also and then to the control panel which made it easier to hook up the snap relays for the LED's. The actually electrical board can be swung back up under the layout and hooks in place when not needed.

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    That is a really good idea :), i've got tons of that stuff laying about.

    You don't have any issue w/ current drop over longer runs w/ the switch machines?

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    Never had yet but most of the layut is still in progress. If i need to I have it set up to use an additional booster to run the switches and lights.

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    Maybe I should build a control board...
    Problem is, I'm in N-scale, using snap switches, and don't always trust my switches to throw correctly! Alas, building tiny sets of contacts to reveal their actual position will have to wait till I fix everything else.
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