Useing Two Transformers

Discussion in 'FAQs' started by Crazy_Ed, Jan 13, 2007.

  1. Crazy_Ed

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    i have two trains running on seperate tracks,1 large oval. 1 small oval inside, but i want to be able to change tracks. How do i wire this up ? I have a cw80 and a old transformer. the cw80 is my main.
  2. hooknlad

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    Hi ed and welcome to the gauge. I assume you are into O gauge? Just a shot here..
    I believe for what you are asking, you will have to invest in track switches to swap lines, and you will need to get a DCS system so that you will have the ability to control one or more trains on the same track.
    It is my opinion and my opinion only, that if you use 2 Xfmrs on the same lines you will be asking for trouble. Phasing for one will be an issue, and possible back feed from one Xfmr to the other is a possibility which may result in fatal consequences.

    for example- if your 12 volt ac output from one transformer is connected to a second transformer on the 12 volt ac output side, that is not plugged in, you WILL have 120 volts ac on the male end of the plug - just electricity 101, now if this were to be plugged in, all kinds of problems could occur.
  3. 60103

    60103 Pooh Bah

    Welcomr to the gauge, Ed.
    There has been a lot written about the CW80, and I wouldn't try to match it with any other transformer model. Lionel design seems to have botched some of the specs.
    However, There are ways to run from one transformer to another.
    What most of us would do is make blocks in the ovals (insulating or fiber pins in the inside rail) and have a set of switches (electrical) to connect one or other of the transformers to each block. Then you can stop one train, switch a bocl to the other transformer, and run the second train out onto the first oval. Question now is what you do with the first train...
  4. Crazy_Ed

    Crazy_Ed New Member

    yes its 3 rail O gauge, i know i got to have track switches to go from one to another, im thinking a spdt electrical (automotive type) switch will work,,,as far as what to do with the other train,,, im gonna make a side track and isolate that
  5. 60103

    60103 Pooh Bah

    Ed: that sounds about right. An SPDT switch for each oval or each isolated section.
    You might look up "block wiring" and "cab control" in the search engine.
    Multiple train transformers shouyld be "phased" so that the AC is going in the same direction. Unfortunately, the CW80 has some electronic circuits that make this problematic; you just need to remember not to run directly from onr to the other.
    How big are your ovals? would there be room to run 2 trains on one?
    Just being able to isolate one train in a siding is a start.
  6. Crazy_Ed

    Crazy_Ed New Member

    my layout is a U shape 4x24(3 pcs of pywood) guess ive got close to 75ft of track on it

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