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  1. oldrangerbob

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    I've started my own website to share my paper models. It started when, imagine my surprise, I found no one else had made any vintage US Air Force fire trucks.

    Being a newbee to the hobby I used what I knew and after creating the bmp's, I put them together in an MSWord file. Each file presents a new model and they are found as attachments on the bottom of the page.

    Being a fairly simple person I made fairly simple models.
  2. silveroxide

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    Thank you for the models. I hope that you do not mind if I take some liberties and embellish it a little. I will not build this right away until I am finished with my present project but I will do it soon.

    By the way, I spent three tours in Panama, During the Zone days, The treaty days and the transition days. My first tour was at Kobbe and I crossed that Howard runway many times to the chagrin of the Security Police, who chased us to no avail. My team was never caught but they gave us a merry chase.
  3. Hello,
    Your models look great.
    What scale do they have?

    I am a voluntary fireman here in Germany.

    Thank You.
    Kind regards
    Markus Schweizer
  4. dkaniel

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    Two of the models are based on a current military truck paper model including the same instructions that I have seen available somewhere. You have modified the original model without giving credit to the original designer. Don't claim those models as your own creation if someone else designed them. At the very least you should give credit to the original designer!
  5. oldrangerbob

    oldrangerbob New Member

    My intention was not to steal someone elses work. I was still in the process of builing the website and had not posted my explanation.

    The only reason I began designing and building the Fire Apparatus was for myself. Having limited skills I used what I had.

    The firefighting packages are COMPLETELY my design.

    I used existing chassis' for the R-2 (based on the M-37) and the 530B (based on a 5 ton cargo truck). I would love to give credit to the original modeler, I just don't know who it was. I downloaded and did the repaint ruining any ID in the process.

    The Asst Chief's Truck is a REPAINT ONLY. The 750A, the P-2, and the McClellen Tracked Rescue Vehicle are completely my design.

    If anyone can tell me who the original modeler was I will create a Rescue Bodies Package to attach to the original with a link to where to obtain them.

    All of the apparatus I am currently working on is a creation totally of my own.

    Later I will need assistance with a Dodge PK Cab (P-10 Rescue Truck) and a Ford C Cab (for my P-8 & P-12 pumpers.) If anyone can assist me.
  6. oldrangerbob

    oldrangerbob New Member

    Reedy creek fire pierce sabre

    I've posted a repaint (with permission)of Mike Haggard's Winslow AZ pumper. I've repainted it to be Reedy Creek Engine-21.

    For those who don't know, Reedy Creek is the Municipal Entity designed and chartered tp serve Walt Disney World. Later I will post the Orange County Fire Rescue version.

    There is also a link to Mikes web page. The download page is in the Main Menu for this one. The 750A Structural Pumper (my own design) is posted at the bottom of the page. The instruction photos for the body are in the main menu.
  7. twinslet

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    Interesting material Ranger Bob. I looked through the models and website and maybe I'm missing it, but what is the scale of these? I'm guessing 1:72 or 1:87.

    - Tom
  8. voodoo

    voodoo New Member

    will use on N scale

    great work i will resize to use on my N scale for a visual effect, am to ex USAF and this did bring back memories fron the early 60's thanks
  9. ian usher

    ian usher New Member

    Thanks the models look very good
  10. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    Lot of models links stuffed away here. This one is new to me.
  11. Uyraell

    Uyraell Newbie

    I just discovered this thread.
    Thank you for these very rare and unusual models.
    They touch my heart for a number of reasons.

    My Respects to you OldRangerBob.

    Kind and Respectful Regards OldRangerBob, Uyraell.

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