Upcoming cardmodel of the SATURN V / Apollo 11 launching equipment

Discussion in 'Kit Announcements' started by Thomas Pleiner, Apr 11, 2006.

  1. Bengt F

    Bengt F Active Member

    Apollo 11 Paper Model Kit


    Your argument that things can go wrong during a build has a bearing and the idea with a CD is a good one - this makes building the models more flexible.

    However, I´m beginning to think that Thomas might be getting a bit tired of all our questions by now. From what I gather, Microartwork is already well under way with the production, first of the crawler. I have seen some promising pictures at Kartonmodell-Forum and the latest word is that it will be released later this year. The other models will then follow suit during 2007.

    This model kit release follows the tradition in Germany and Poland with high-quality printed card model kits and this one will be something extra special from what I understand, relying on advanced computer techniques and laser-cutting and -scoring.
    However, your idea with a publication on a CD simultaneously is attractive. This might perhaps reduce the collector´s value of the printed kits some day, but it sure would make things a lot easier for card modellers today. You could then choose your scale, paper quality and thickness, matte or glossy paper, type of scoring (or just rolling) and cutting, etc. And of course it has to be made so you can´t make copies.

    I think it would be ideal if it could be produced both as an exclusive, complete printed and cut 'DeLuxe' Apollo 11 set, and as a CD set.
    There is of course also the possibility of ordering each model separately over the web in the same fashion as you would from FG, but it seems this is not the intention of the publishers.

    In any case, it is an exciting production, and I´m sure many will want to own it and build it when it is released. Perhaps the printed editions should be numbered, like works of art?

    best regards,
    Bengt :grin:
  2. Hello Bengt, Airbob, Keith et al.,

    thank you all for your inputs and reccomendations.
    Please be assured that everything will be taken
    seriously into account by Microartwork . . .

    What in the end will be integrated in the project's
    concept or not - this is finally up to Microartwork.

    Have some nice and quiet easter holidays

    Thomas Pleiner
  3. Hello Bengt,

    laser-scoring from the reverse-side of the sheets would cause
    drastically increasing workload in the production phase.
    It would be necessary to take out the sheet from the laser
    device, turn it on the flip-side and adjust the laser-device
    new. This also increases the risk of additional scrap.

    Because it is possible to avoid any scoring from the backside
    by using "more" material and sometimes a different design
    approach, we'll have to find out what will have the most beneficial
    effect to the model . . . .

    Best regards
  4. Jim R

    Jim R New Member

    LUT and Crawler

    Hello Thomas!

    I'm new here, How can I order the Crawler? My Deutche is not good, I had trouble understanding the site.
    Please help!!!


    Jim Rothley
  5. rickstef

    rickstef Guest

    The Crawler/Transporter is not done yet.

    sometime around Christmas

  6. Cyana

    Cyana New Member

    Dear all,

    this is Cyana from MicroArtwork, and I would like to thank everyone for your suggestions and your great interest into this project, that is already ongoing since four years.

    For those, who want to follow the progress, please check out this link regulary as it will be updated monthly. Those who are familiar with German language also might want to check this thread where news are discussed and updated regulary in the first place.

    Please let me tell you about the decision to provide this kit laser cutted. About two years ago, we submitted a request for beta testers at the Papermodels list, and from the big number of volunteers, five international members were selected and got a complete prototype kit of a Crawler's truck to build, together with a fully detailled instruction. None of them succeeded in finalizing the truck, and all of them pointed out that cutting was too longwinded and too difficult.

    We are talking of about 7,000 parts soleily for the Crawler, and some of them as little as a quarter of a square millimetre. We are talking about hundreds of repeating parts like the cleats, and long thin parts like the cables with a diameter of about 1/100 inch. This kit, in its highest skill level, wants to be nothing less than museum quality.

    We certainly will provide an uncutted version when demanded, but to be honest, we do not recommend it, nor would a CD version make you happy - some parts are oversized and do not fit on letter/legal/A4 sheets, also you would need to print on both sides of the page; last but not least, there are a lot of transparent parts, and not every printer can print on transparent foils.

    The most important thing however, is the accuracy needed. Don't forget, piled on the crawler stands the MLP with the LUT and the Saturn up to 140 cm/55" tall. When the Crawler is not totally plain and levelled, the whole model will become instable. Laser cut ensures a precise finish of all parts.

    To those who get an uneasy feeling about the needed skills to build the model - the skill level is scalable, so that you can onmit difficult parts and use easier ones instead or leave them out completely without loosing too much detail. On the other end, you can have a skill level beyond crazy if you want - the instructions will tell you how you can refine the model even more, together with pictures from the real thing.

    For the moment, we cannot give you an exact date when the Crawler will be available at which price, however we are very confident that it will be in 2006, that also would be our planned tribute to the 40th anniversary of the Crawler Transporter.

    best greetings and thank you for reading - if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask, either here or contact me in private

  7. dwgannon

    dwgannon Member

    Thanks for the update.
  8. Dear all,

    enclosed is a picture of the final testbuild of the crawler-chassis . . .


    Best regards
  9. Bowdenja

    Bowdenja Active Member

    :shock: :-o :shock: !!!
  10. rlwhitt

    rlwhitt Active Member


    Words can't describe how incredible this thing is. Ever since I found this forum and a link to this project I've been wondering about it. Now for the reality - it's been a long time in development, and this is just the crawler, not even the Saturn itself. What are the odds of this complete set being released in our lifetimes? :grin:

  11. dwgannon

    dwgannon Member

    Thanks for the update. This looks outstanding.
  12. jleslie48

    jleslie48 Member

    I acutally have in my garage an old fashioned american phone booth from the 1970's. I think I'm gonna convert it into a VAB...
  13. NYC Irish

    NYC Irish Member

    Any news on release type details? As in Printable CD purchase of files? etc?

    John John
  14. Cyana

    Cyana New Member

    Dear all,

    two more pics from the test build of the chassis from the final kit:


    although this pic does not show much details, it gives a better impression of how the model looks in real.


    Front and rear view of the different radiators. The green mat has a 1cm grid printed on - so the radiator in the middle has a width of a little bit more than 1 inch.

    :D :D :D you better should ask about the odds to build the complete set within one lifetime ;)

    now, this project is going on since five years already. The Crawler is very special for many reasons - it was very hard to find drawings and (Apollo staged) pictures, actually I still would need drawings and pictures from the inner machinery, preferably taken in the 60's. The Crawler also is extremely complicated even when it does not look like that at the first glance. Seen from a modeller's point of view, you have an insane mix of architectural, vehicular and aeronautical elements, and each branch in modelling has its own rules and gotchas. To combine them to a stringent, buildable model was a time consuming and very painful task with lots of trials and errors, and there were times were I just wanted to drop the whole thing. Thanks to your enthusiasm and constant support I restarted the Crawler several times, and now the kit is nearly completed and ready to test build, which will take some, but not too much time anymore.

    The LUT should be very straight forward as I already have all necessary drawings and meanwhile am familiar with Rhino 3D. No more need to test dozends of paper card types, software tools, modelling approaches and so on. Actually, the plan is to have the complete project ready in 2009 so it complements the 45th anniversary of the moon landing.

    The release will be as printed card stock, maybe also partially and/or fully pre-cut, depending on your wishes. PDF files do not make much sense, starting with the oversized paper format (A3) that is essential for the stability and accuracy of the model, and ending with the doublesided printing.

    best greetings and thank you for all the great feedback we get here i the forums and also in private - it helps a lot to bite the bullet ;)

  15. Bowdenja

    Bowdenja Active Member

    Well...........:-o again!
  16. Cyana

    Cyana New Member

    Crawler Transporter kit finished

    Dear modeler mates,

    I'm very happy to report that the last parts for the Crawler kit have been finalized these days after 8 years of development (yup. In words: eight). Before the kit is published, however, I want to finish the test build to ensure the perfect fitting of all parts and the proper building instructions as well.

    The kit consists of about 10,400 parts - to my knowledge, this is the paper kit with the highest number of parts so far. However, the core of the Crawler needs about 3,000 parts - the rest are optional details that are not necessary for the model but just improve its appearance.

    These are the latest pictures featuring Corner B. Note that everything, including tubes and cables, is paper made.


    I want to thank everyone who followed this project with enthusiasm and patience. There were times when I wanted to drop the whole thing, feeling totally lost in the sheer amount of informations, drawings, pictures and needed computer performance and free time besides my daytime job.

    However, the great input I've got from modelers and Apollo enthusiasts all over the world, including NASA employees who actually work on the Crawler made me start again everytime.

    In the beginning of the project, one aim was that the paper model should be able to bear the weight of Revell's plastic Saturn V. It does ;), here is the prove:


    The total weight of the pile in the picture is about 5.5 lb (2.5 kg)

    best greetings
    Cyana from MicroArtwork
  17. cdavenport

    cdavenport Member

    Laser or No Laser

    Obviously, offer the kit in two forms. But, for those of us who want to have a little life left in us, the laser cut option is fantastic!
  18. cauesousa6

    cauesousa6 New Member

    AMAZING, + - when it comes out?
    and + - how much will cost?
    paypall will be acepted?
    great grat job
    thanks the atention
  19. Cyana

    Cyana New Member

    Dear Crawler fans,

    long time no see ;) - I just wanted to give you an update of my 1/96 CT papercard model project. After 9 years of investigations, drawings, cursing, suiciding, and countless resurrections, the project finally comes to an end. The kit will be presented at the GoModelling in March 2010, and from then on will be available. At the moment, the last stages of the test build are ongoing - the chassis is nearly finished, and the 3 missing trucks are built at the moment by helpful persons who volunteered as ß-testers.

    I would have loved to post some pictures from the model, however it seems I'm not allowed to do so anymore, for whatever reason :(

    best greetings
    Cyana from MicroArtwork
  20. astralwanderer

    astralwanderer New Member

    I know I'll be glad to see this amazing piece of art make its appearence, now to see the cost (got to save the pennies up)

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